Friday, December 21, 2007

Six to one,

half-dozen to the other.

That's what I've thought since about 1994 on this issue, and I'm convinced that I've been right about the subject ever since. If the CFL is such a great idea, let consumers prove it with their wallets. If the incandescent bulb is vastly inferior, for whatever criteria, people will quit using it. However, the comparisons that are made for the supposed superiority of the CFL aren't completely true, and anyone who knows about their construction and actual use/abuse can delineate this from the crap that is spouted by the enviromentalists as "truth".

Yeah, making a law for this sort of shit was a good idea. (Is my contempt apparent?)

Why, oh why, do these people think that foisting this sort of non-sense on the general populace is such a good idea?

Another step toward the Gestapo kicking in your door for "Energy Abuse" or whatever term they'll make up out of thin air for this.


Update, 12/23: Yes, yes, YES! It seems the word is spreading.

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