Thursday, January 31, 2008

The slow boil

About three weeks ago now, I saw the same Ezra Levant interrogation piece, from a link over at The Geek's place.

After reading Robb Allen's short piece on the events (H/T to Tam on that), I must say, he's made the most damnable argument yet on the subject, in general, by integrating as many facets of the situation into the idea that is really being targeted as possible. And after reading a bunch of responses to Mr. Levant's videotaped session over at YouTube, by and large, most everyone is missing the greater point of the whole exercise.

The mere fact that the woman has a job, an official, governmental-type job that is declared for the purpose(s) of, what was it, oh, a "Human Rights Commission," for the possible "thought crime" of offending someone else's religion? That is what the larger issue is, here. That there has been a declared position for something like this by the Canadian government. I don't care if she is "just doing here job," as she has no business having a job such as this, and the fucking Canucks don't even realize that they have NO AUTHORITY on the subject of making this position, either.

What they are attempting to do here is assert that it is their duty to enforce some sort of standard of morality upon the general populace, and control peoples writings, speeches or beliefs through nothing more than thought control by the proxy of what has become popular to call a "Hate Crime" these days.

One more step toward tyranny.

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