Monday, February 18, 2008

Putting me off of my feed

Oh god.

The next bit from the Politician-come-Jesus, who'll save us all with her brilliant economic plan.

From a pamphlet distributed to the unwashed in Milwaukee:

"Over the past seven years, big corporations and special interests have been given a free pass to profit, often at the expense of the American worker. As President, Hillary will make it a priority to scale back special benefits and subsidies to these corporations and put those resources to work for our economy again,"

So, a company (or corporations, as it makes the whole thing into something that's a faceless object) making a profit is either illegal (boy, would she LIKE it to be!), or it's somehow immoral?

It's a sin to make a profit, or that's what she and her camp would have you believe.

Who believes this shit?

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