Thursday, May 15, 2008

Arming up before the storm

Jeff at Alphecca is looking to add EBR's to his personal armory before one of the louts gets their filthy mitts on the levers of power.

The comments section over there is filled with some good stuff regarding what can be had for the available funds that Jeff is going to be laying out. Most of it centers around obtaining at least two SKS rifles, as the budget is around $1K, with plenty left for ammo. This is excellent advice for someone, or a family, on a budget. However, it's not the best choice, either, in my estimation. The SKS is far too long for its intermediate cartridge, is too heavy for most, and its ergonomics just suck, generally.

Regardless, it's a good read through there to see what others have in mind and making adjustments for ones particular situation and available fundage.

Some sort of heavy-duty AR with a BUNCH of good mags and maybe a BETA-C are looking very attractive to me right now.

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