Monday, June 16, 2008

More Eco Non-think

The article is simply rife with logical missteps and slight of hand bullshit, for those who know how this vehicle operates, from beginning to end.


"The fuel cell draws on energy synthesized through a chemical reaction between hydrogen gas and oxygen in the air, and a lithium-ion battery pack provides supplemental power."

Those who know how hydrogen gas is separated and condensed into a liquid and stored in a tank will get their nose slightly wrinkled at that bit.

Any attempts to make the equation look better than it really is are easily trounced using some rather elementary energy calculations.

And, of course, in true Kalifornistan style, it's OK to be flown in for the next-great-coming on a plane, so long as you are famous and are there to introduce the proletariat to your next level of oppression:
"Marie Warner...(from the TV show "24") was flown over by Honda for the ceremony. "
"businessman Jon Spallino...who currently drives Honda's older FCX and was also flown in for the ceremony"

I wonder if these dolts get "carbon credits" to "offset" the plane ride, while proudly flying the watermelon flag in front of their fawning crowd.

Really it's all just absurd.

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