Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shades of Katrina

Lovely how the gummint hasn't been taking any notes about that little catastrophe back in August 2005.
"Strike teams searched flood fringe areas on both sides of the Cedar River on Sunday, finding flooded basements, collapsed walls and piles of debris."

Strike teams? Someone should have found a better word for it, from their end. It may make their B&E look a little better from the perspective of someone whose home they've just removed the front door from its hinges.
"Each strike team consisted of six or seven people, including police,firefighters, utilities workers, and city employees. Dall said they were checking for safety issues, including gas leaks, structural integrity, hazardous materials and air quality."

Um, this is private property here, guys. Why don't you let the homeowners decide if they need to call in a professional to give a look at the foundation, or what have you. The water, gas and electricity can be terminated from the street, if there's a serious concern for leaks. Ask me how I know this. Please, do it. I'll school your ass for FREE!
"The main objective is for citizens to get back into their residences," said Dall, a search manager with Iowa Task Force One during the flood recovery effort.
"To be honest, we may come across some people that didn't have relatives and lived alone. You never know what you're going to find."

To be honest...and blunt about it, I think you're full of shit, Capt. Dan! If your main objective really was, get[ting] citizens back into their residences." as you just stated, you'd be escorting people back to their homes on your fancy equipment, like the engines and boats, that the citizens of your community paid for, instead of breaking down doors on unoccupied domiciles. Do you understand, retard?

This kind of shit just pisses me off to no end. When will the thugs learn that it's not OK to do these kinds of things, just because some superior told them to.

Another, unidentified citizen later came into contact with one of the teams and had a few words with them, clearly upset about his own door getting torn open, and justifiably so. It will only be a matter of time before someone, somewhere, has had enough of the bullshit, and tells the "authorities" to go fuck themselves.

Seriously, the cops need a dressing down when they're going around doing this kind of shit. It's nice to know that other people, like Ashton O'Dwyer, have similar feelings. It gives me the warm fuzzies to share space with other such malcontents.

H/T to Jim Rawles for the story at his excellent site, Survivalblog.

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