Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Errors in judgement"

I'm one who's not likely to be in such a position as these poor folks who've been put upon in the story, but that hardly excludes me from the possibility of it happening, given what passes as "law enforcement" these days.

Of prime importance, for all concerned, with respect to my domicile is this, if anyone attempts to break down my doors, regardless of who they are, they're going to be met with a hail of hot lead, in a volume sufficient enough for reconsideration of their original motivations for doing so. It's a promise. Simply yelling, "We're the police, serving a warrant," isn't going to get you any further than if it were some crackhead looking for enough loot to hawk for his next hit, since it's a tactic being used both by the crooks, as well as those acting falsely under the color of law.

In my estimation these two groups are now indistinguishable, as someone entering any home under false pretenses is nothing more than a criminal, badge or not. So, if I shoot to kill, and it happens to be an officer of the law, supposedly acting within his jurisdiction and scope, I'm wondering if I can use the same, lame, "errors in judgement," excuse that this sorry sack of shit is tabling for his defense. Not likely.

Take notes, boys and girls. This incident is endemic of a society that is devolving, rapidly, with almost no hope of finding its moral bearing for getting out of the swirling maelstrom that is sucking us into the depths of depravity. And we are allowing it to happen.

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