Saturday, August 30, 2008


Here's me, in comments, giving my honest opinion about the travesty that is the ongoing Olofson trial, at thesmallestminority, responding to Kevin's ;

"On second thought, it isn't the prosecutor I'm really interesting in seeing Nifonged, it's ATF Agent Keeku." (from Kevin Baker)

Why not the prosecutor too, Kevin? He was in on the whole masquerade, a bureaubot functionary "performing his duites," for which I have no sympathy.

Seriously, there needs to be penalties for losing.

Sorry if I seem a little too convicted about these matters, but take that Nifong case in its full perspective. He was actively trying to ruin a bunch of young men's lives, simply to advance himself on some sort of power play.

That may not be what was happening here, but you're on to something with what did happened in regards to the defendant's expert and certain parts of the firearms testing evidence being suppressed, so he proceeded to find an end around, "Because he didn't get the result he wanted."

The powers that be all deserve to be ruined for this, including the judge.

You've been pretty involved with following this story, as has David Codrea, so I'm not exactly ill-informed, and from where I sit, I know what's going on here, and it stinks worse than any rotting corpse.

Regardless of the outcome on the appeal (I sincerely hope that it ends with acquittal), Olofson's life is still unquestionably screwed by this gross misapplication of the legal system. He'll NEVER get back the months that he spent in prison, and he'll likely never be compensated for his lost wages, the legal fees associated for his defense, or even so much as an apology for all he's been forced to endure.

A groveling, sniveling mass of accusers showing up to his door, begging for forgiveness is not too much to ask, if he is righted.

A pox on all of them for what they've done, too.

Seriously, we need to change things 'round here, folks, because this "no risk" situation that the government grants itself in these cases is far too one-sided.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Changing perspective

Found that link over at Kevin Baker's place this morning, so I clicked to the article and read it.

Kevin found the quote from the salty charter captain to be compelling;
“I just left a sporting goods store and you would think that the number-one selling item would be plywood or potable water or gasoline right now,” he said. “Apparently it is AR-15s and .223 ammo. I watched at least 20 people buy AR-15s and cases of .223.”
True enough, and I am certainly in agreement with the notion that the general populace being armed is a good one, considering the results from the last debacle that was Katrina.

However, Snow writes this, which really got me;
The AR buying spree demonstrates that people don’t think of it as an “assault weapon” but rather an arm that is ideally suited for self-defense...
I think what he's observing is a physical manifestation (purchasing a firearm for personal defense in the face of imminent or perceived danger, based in experience, as it stands) in a tidal shift in the way people (some, anyway) are perceiving the gun, and particularly the detachable magazine fed semi-auto. It's now just a good tool for the job.

The application of reason to the problem of survival. That's progress folks.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Apocalyptic bullshit from the Greens

The Global Warming Death Cultists are at again, it seems, because now, we have but 100 months to "fix" our ways, or Mother Gaia is going to die. Or some other horseshit like that.

Or how about this bit, from one of their associate sites; attempting to push the idea that if you fly in a plane, you're just like any smoker out there, trying to kill everyone. Such insipid non-sense passes for "thought" by these fuckers. Do these cave dwellers realize that they sound like petulant five-year-olds?

Didn't think so.

I hope these louts freeze in the dark, or better yet, come looking for us "resource users" when they finish "taking it back," or however they want to put it. I know what my "tipping point" is, and I'm closer to mine than they are theirs, for sure.

H/T to Beck, of course.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time to stock up...

on any Russian sourced ammo that one may need for their Com-Bloc guns. Supplies may quickly dry up, what with Ivan's recent shenanigans in Georgia.

This includes me.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

NBC finally gets it right

I've been yelling about this subject for years, and I was just sure that NBC was going to screw the pooch on it...again, when I watched the men's 10,000 meter final just a short while ago.

I knew it'd be a great race, as the last three gold medals had been from two Ethiopians, in Haile Gebreselassie and Kenesia Bekele, along with Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea, the latest force to be reckoned with, especially at the Word Cross Country Championships.

I was somewhat amazed at the final times, as Bekele bested his own Olympic record (and an absolutely blistering 53 second last lap!), and narrowly missed breaking the 27 minute mark in the process, with a time of 27:01.17. Geb was out of the medals, in sixth place, but finished in 27:06.68, which is better than his then Olympic record of 27:07.34. So much for the "Old Man" being out of shape for the 10, as some had claimed. Truly amazing.

The silver went to countryman Sileshi Sihine, and the bronze to Micah Kogo of Kenya, with Tadese out of the medals, finishing fifth behind Moses Masai of Kenya.

Piss on the 100, I'd much rather watch more marathoning and 10K track races.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Politicians as celebrity?

Can someone see to it that this Grunwald schmuck gets sterilized, post-haste? Wouldn't want him spreading his seed around, infecting the rest of the world.

Honest to god, what does it take for a grown adult to utter such insipid non-sense? Are people really that dim, that they just need to have someone hand them self-esteem, or something?

Really, this cult-of-personality shit has just gone too far. People defining themselves and their lives by how big a rock star is in the White House?

What ever happened to the idea that those we elect to be our representatives in government are our servants?!?

Truly Bread and Circuses 'round here, in what was once America. Rome's burning, it seems, and few care.

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lessons in Economics 101 or waking up to reality

The Krauter and I went out to eat with old friends last night close to the area Cabela's store, which is always an invitation for actually going in and spending money on stuff that I can always justify as being absolutely necessary. I'll use it, eventually, whatever it is. At least that's the line I use, and it's sometimes actually successful!

After our meal, the four of us decided to walk around the store, and my buddy and I, of course, head to the Gun Library to check out the ridiculously overpriced shotguns and such, drooling on the cases for such things that we'll never be able to afford. My buddy looks at me and says, "If you shell out that kind of jack for a shotgun, you should have your head examined." To each their own, of course, but, I had to agree.

Being more of a rifleman than a trap or skeet man, I steer my attention to the rifle rack in the room, only to run across this.

Now, I've known for quite a while (thanks to Bush, the Elder, and his successor, the Lying Bastard of the Ozarks) that actual HK91 rifles have been on an ascending price scale for some time, but, excuse me here, 4 'effing large?!? It used to be, say 20 years ago, that you could find the exact same gun, for a tenth of that price. In defense to the specific piece in question, it was completely mint, so a premium can be expected, but that figure seems way too highfor a piece in even its condition. Of course, if someone considers that price to be fair, and wants to spend it on that particular item, then there must be a certain value perceived by both parties conducting the transaction, and that value can not be expected to be understood by even one other party, regardless of sum. Free markets, and all that.

Thankfully, the reputation and demand for such fine fundamental designs gives the entrepreneurial types an incentive to fill such gaps caused by limited supply commodities (again, thanks to asshole politicians, fucking it up for the rest of us). JLD, thankfully, steps in, and has been doing a fine job for more than a couple of years now, turning out excellent rifles of the type, on original tooling, no less. I have one, and feel as though it's not only an excellent rifle, but an excellent value as well.

So, the question is, how do you sell that $4,000 type-91 with the competition cutting you out at the knees?

Class? Anyone? Bueller?

Answer: Lower your price, you may actually sell the damned thing.

Thus ends our lesson.

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