Saturday, August 30, 2008


Here's me, in comments, giving my honest opinion about the travesty that is the ongoing Olofson trial, at thesmallestminority, responding to Kevin's ;

"On second thought, it isn't the prosecutor I'm really interesting in seeing Nifonged, it's ATF Agent Keeku." (from Kevin Baker)

Why not the prosecutor too, Kevin? He was in on the whole masquerade, a bureaubot functionary "performing his duites," for which I have no sympathy.

Seriously, there needs to be penalties for losing.

Sorry if I seem a little too convicted about these matters, but take that Nifong case in its full perspective. He was actively trying to ruin a bunch of young men's lives, simply to advance himself on some sort of power play.

That may not be what was happening here, but you're on to something with what did happened in regards to the defendant's expert and certain parts of the firearms testing evidence being suppressed, so he proceeded to find an end around, "Because he didn't get the result he wanted."

The powers that be all deserve to be ruined for this, including the judge.

You've been pretty involved with following this story, as has David Codrea, so I'm not exactly ill-informed, and from where I sit, I know what's going on here, and it stinks worse than any rotting corpse.

Regardless of the outcome on the appeal (I sincerely hope that it ends with acquittal), Olofson's life is still unquestionably screwed by this gross misapplication of the legal system. He'll NEVER get back the months that he spent in prison, and he'll likely never be compensated for his lost wages, the legal fees associated for his defense, or even so much as an apology for all he's been forced to endure.

A groveling, sniveling mass of accusers showing up to his door, begging for forgiveness is not too much to ask, if he is righted.

A pox on all of them for what they've done, too.

Seriously, we need to change things 'round here, folks, because this "no risk" situation that the government grants itself in these cases is far too one-sided.

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