Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Apocalyptic bullshit from the Greens

The Global Warming Death Cultists are at again, it seems, because now, we have but 100 months to "fix" our ways, or Mother Gaia is going to die. Or some other horseshit like that.

Or how about this bit, from one of their associate sites; attempting to push the idea that if you fly in a plane, you're just like any smoker out there, trying to kill everyone. Such insipid non-sense passes for "thought" by these fuckers. Do these cave dwellers realize that they sound like petulant five-year-olds?

Didn't think so.

I hope these louts freeze in the dark, or better yet, come looking for us "resource users" when they finish "taking it back," or however they want to put it. I know what my "tipping point" is, and I'm closer to mine than they are theirs, for sure.

H/T to Beck, of course.

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