Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The state of things, and those to come.

So, I'm one who generally tries to keep up with news and world events, so I've definitely taken a notice of the current situation regarding "issues of liquidity", as it's being put.

Barry, the pompous ass that he is, of course, is trying to explain to all of us proles exactly how it is that newer or more regulation is "needed" to "catch up" with the "markets", 'cuz, ya know, we're just a bunch of children in need of NannyKnowitAll to fix our shit for us.

The man is utterly clueless about all of this, and I'm looking around me, and hardly anyone seems to really know anything about any of this mess. Maybe just one or two people really have enough resolve to look at this in the steely-eyed manner necessary, and call this what it really is, and that's rank socialism.

Some sage words from Billy, to keep in mind;

"what is necessary now is complete separation of economics and state - just as in the vaunted aspect of church and state - and for all the same reasons."
From where I'm sitting, it's all looking like a big shit sandwich from which I'm going to be forced to take a big effin' bite.

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Blogger NotClauswitz said...

No earmarks, no pork, no junkets, no recess, no banquets - work from 8:00AM to 5:00PM with two ten minute breaks - verified by punch-cards and web-cam - Monday through and including Fridays. 1 week Christmas vacation and Blue Cross for healthcare, deducted from the wages.

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