Monday, December 29, 2008

Let the apologists start in,

'Cuz I'm with him on this "ratings" issue.

The .gov can FOAD, as far as I'm concerned.

They have no business in this, as it's entirely an attempt at weaseling their crooked fucking snout into controlling free speech. And I don't want to hear any lame-ass excuses about it supposedly being, "for the children," either. If that were true, we'd have already arrested the doers, and closed up all of the online prOn and booby sites.

I also don't care that this "idea" is coming from across the pond, it's going to be actively pushed, rather explicitly too, on the incoming administration.

Statist louts.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Believe it

The whole thing is about to collapse.

Rome is burning, and hardly anyone is even aware of it.

I'm at a loss here.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Postponing reality

Hot off the presses, I thought I'd have a go at ripping apart the "idea" that the, "auto industry was too important to fail."

Thomas Sowell beat me to it. He gives it good and hard to the idea that we, the taxpayer, need to bail out the domestic auto industry, and explains why, with historic examples, as he drags that festering piece of shit notion out into the harsh daylight of reason.


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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Slimeball Willie still getting the reach around from Furrin' Gummints

None to my surprise.

Keep prattling on about how much good you are supposedly doing, Bill, you lying sack of shit.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Disgustingly indifferent

Having ourselves a pretty serious dust-up at Kevin Baker's place, originally regarding alienation of "the tribe" by the "Three Percenters", but has taken a decidedly tangential path, with nominally smart people saying some seriously stupid shit.

In Comments, my fave is this bit of excrescence, from Connie du Toit;
"As the Heller documents described, "reasonable" restrictions were allowed and common. Where you could store arms in your home was stipulated in the law in Boston... and these were laws made during the time of the Founders. Most of these have to do with issues of competing rights... that your right to keep a gun could trump on another's right for reasonable safety measures taken to prevent fires. It wasn't a "universal" restriction against keeping firearms in your home, which would have been unConstitutional, but where they could be stored in your home. Your "universal" right cannot be infringed, but laws that are "reasonable" and address competing rights issues are perfectly acceptable. We're quibbling about details most of the time--of what defines reasonable. In some cases, such as in DC, the restrictions were universal, and therefore, UNreasonable."
All of that, without a single thought as to what the ramifications are regarding how to define two of those words, or that someone, anyone, might take issue with what "reasonable" might actually do to themselves, in tangible terms. She's not thought this out in the least, and is simply begging with her argument, that the whole mess regarding personal rights, freedom, end up in court for the fucking lawyers to haggle about.

What's reasonable to you isn't necessarily reasonable to me, and I'm quite sure that what Paul Helmke thinks is reasonable doesn't come close to matching my reasonable. Should we leave that for the court to decide. My biggest issue extends to more than just her, however, as it's this attitude that she is propagating, that is clearly spreading across this country, that what she is saying is correct, and entirely within the limits of our government to control.

Also, why should I give two licks of a dead wet rat's ass what Scalia wrote in the Heller case. It's being proven on a day to day basis that the whole thing was moot, and I said it before the call was even made.

Seriously, some people need more time to get their philosophy in order.

Or just shut the fuck up.

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Mad Dog

Meant to post on Greg Maddux making his decision to retire the other day, but work gets in the way sometimes.

One of the classiest guys to ever play the game, he got the job done by donning his uniform and dutifully pitching instead of throwing the ball. He had the ability to put the ball where he wanted it instead of trying to continually throw heat, like many of his contemporaries. Amazingly, for his era, unlike Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and the like, he had more than two pitches, and threw lots of ground balls instead of going for personal glory with impressive strikeout counts.

After 23 years in The Show, 4 Cy Young awards and 355 victories, all without becoming a burden to his teammates or the club, he's taken the high road all along and is now calling it a career. He's a sure thing for Cooperstown.

We need more like him, I'm sad to see him go.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

How, exactly, is he going to do that?

Prevent that whole genocide thing, I mean.

Couldn't give these dolts a clue about that how part, could we?

It might just involve icky, nasty stuff like guns, if we are looking for the real answer and since the cry-baby libs don't want anyone to get hurt (or so they say) we'll all just have to look on, in horror of it all, and endure it for a good while longer.

I suppose these same morons will jump up and down and hold their breath, or something, in hopes of stopping the carnage. Or keep writing meaningless letters to the fucking U.N. to make the murderers stop.


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Monday, December 08, 2008

Say goodbye to Detroit

It isn't going to ever produce the likes of this nor this, ever again.

From now on, it's going to be the electric plug-in model of this piece of shit.

Count on it.


Let me summarize with a quote from Beck's link;
"They will have to be able to demonstrate by the thirty-first of March, that based on this, they can go forward in an efficient way in produce the kind of cars that we think will sell."
From the stupidest lout in all of Congress, Barney Frank (Socialist-MA).

Him flapping his gums about what he thinks will sell is about as smart as letting Al Gore set environmental policy.

It's all going to end badly, folks.

Update: Bill St.Clair has this. Hilarious.

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Dow Soars on Obama Spending Plan

To Hell in a Handbasket we go.


It seems that Wall Street and its investors like the idea of socialism.

Quoting the blurb;
"Wall Street is sharply higher in early trading as investors are optimistic that President-elect Barack Obama's infrastructure-spending package will help boost the crippled economy. Obama announced plans for the largest U.S. public works spending program since the creation of the interstate highway system a half-century ago."
Curiously, I'm wondering where all of this extra cash is going to come from.

I mean, we do have federal and state taxes on gasoline sales, but most people are too stupid to know that taxes, almost invariably, and including the Fuel Tax, aren't actually directed toward the specific use that they were promised for when approved by the idiot poll junkies.

So what happens to all that federal highway money once collected? It goes into something called the General Fund. As do most taxes. Blame the louts on Capitol Hill. They could actually, ya know, fix this situation by directing absolutely all of our money toward the highways and byways of the land. I digress.

So again, where is this magic cash tree that Barry is tapping?

Answer: He has but ONE source. Figger it out.

Thus endeth today's lesson for you Pol/Civics/Gov/Real Life 101 flunkies.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Life lessons from Auntie Tam

Considering the recent dust-up in Bombay, Tam gives everyone a nice reminder about their surroundings, daily carry rig, as well as attitude and mindset;

"Places aren't dangerous, people are; there's no magic fence around anyplace you're going that will keep the dangerous people out..."

"Carry a reload."

"Don't carry like it's a game...Save toys and fashion statements for the range; carry a weapon."

"If your local range won't let you draw from the leather or shoot from cover or kneeling or on the move, it would behoove you to try and find a way to get that kind of practice. " [As a substitute, try doing some dry-fire drills with snap caps in a DA handgun at home. It will give your forearms the workout they need too. -Ed.]

"...don't call off your shooting sessions due to weather."

...and without doubt the best part;
"Make up your mind ahead of time to resist; that's the most important thing of all. "
Those bits aren't doing her post any justice, really, as all of it is sage advice, and the whole is truly greater than the sum of those parts, so as they say, Read the Whole Thing.

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