Monday, December 08, 2008

Dow Soars on Obama Spending Plan

To Hell in a Handbasket we go.


It seems that Wall Street and its investors like the idea of socialism.

Quoting the blurb;
"Wall Street is sharply higher in early trading as investors are optimistic that President-elect Barack Obama's infrastructure-spending package will help boost the crippled economy. Obama announced plans for the largest U.S. public works spending program since the creation of the interstate highway system a half-century ago."
Curiously, I'm wondering where all of this extra cash is going to come from.

I mean, we do have federal and state taxes on gasoline sales, but most people are too stupid to know that taxes, almost invariably, and including the Fuel Tax, aren't actually directed toward the specific use that they were promised for when approved by the idiot poll junkies.

So what happens to all that federal highway money once collected? It goes into something called the General Fund. As do most taxes. Blame the louts on Capitol Hill. They could actually, ya know, fix this situation by directing absolutely all of our money toward the highways and byways of the land. I digress.

So again, where is this magic cash tree that Barry is tapping?

Answer: He has but ONE source. Figger it out.

Thus endeth today's lesson for you Pol/Civics/Gov/Real Life 101 flunkies.

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