Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mad Dog

Meant to post on Greg Maddux making his decision to retire the other day, but work gets in the way sometimes.

One of the classiest guys to ever play the game, he got the job done by donning his uniform and dutifully pitching instead of throwing the ball. He had the ability to put the ball where he wanted it instead of trying to continually throw heat, like many of his contemporaries. Amazingly, for his era, unlike Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and the like, he had more than two pitches, and threw lots of ground balls instead of going for personal glory with impressive strikeout counts.

After 23 years in The Show, 4 Cy Young awards and 355 victories, all without becoming a burden to his teammates or the club, he's taken the high road all along and is now calling it a career. He's a sure thing for Cooperstown.

We need more like him, I'm sad to see him go.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perfect summation to a brilliant career. We do need more like him.

The Rangers need just one like him. :(

4:49 PM  

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