Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UN proposes to change from leech to tick

At least a leech can have useful purposes, while I know of nothing other than nasty, blood-borne pathogens being carried by ticks.

These fuckers would do anything to be crawling-ass all over America, doing whatever they please, and this bit is nothing more than throwing additional shackles on what's left of the last, best hope on Earth.

My favorite quote in the article;

Timothy Geithner, the US Treasury Secretary, is expected to urge his G7 counterparts to take bold action to pull the global economy out of recession, prop up financial institutions and strengthen regulation.

I'm sure that's right.

The sheer arrogance of that "bold action to pull the global economy out of recession," is exactly what the proletariat wants to hear, and as a result, the morons will get their bit of cake, in return for the additional regulation he's ultimately after, the piker.

Someone needs to stop this silly shit, RFN.

H/T to JWR at SurvivalBlog.

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