Friday, February 13, 2009

The woman is a treasure

The whole of the post is so good as to surpass anything I could possibly say about it, but to simply mimic some of the quotes, to wit;
'Taking Retards To The Zoo'

'That's right. All the monosynaptic folks out there who think that money comes from the butts of government-owned unicorns think that the government is going to Give Them Money!!1!one! How awesome is that?'

'You're going to be paying for passing out this Monopoly money for the rest of your lives, even if you were just born today and live to be 100, and in return, they'll graciously allow you to keep a little bit extra of your own money. The only people to whom this could sound like a good deal probably get outwitted by flatworms on a regular basis.'

'There are mornings when I just put my head in my hands and think "Screw it, let it burn."'

The woman has serious talent for the snark.

And from several in the comments section;

"We all get to suffer thanks to the Hopium addicts and their stupidity...but I'm going to be pointing and laughing. Why? Because the sheeple are going to wake up when the unicorns don't come. They're going to sit there, like somebody just throat punched them, with this "Wat?" look on their faces, and it's going to be priceless."

"...This culture is full of people thinking they deserve something....and we are all about to get what these snot nosed liberals deserve..."

'"We don't need no water, let the motherf... burn.' - Fire Water Burn

I'm planning on enjoying the whole thing getting run straight to Hell in handbasket, while shooting the bastards in the streets as I see fit.

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