Thursday, March 26, 2009

A move to Sweden or the Czech Republic may be in order


Because it's a Road to Hell, here in the land of sweet-talk-with-Barry, the Lightworker, and anyone who's lived through that shit before ought to know, as the Czech Premeir has.

It also appears that Sweden is refusing to bail out Saab too.

And both countries are completely correct about how to deal with this mess. Quit trying to bandage the arterial bleeding. Let the leeches and unfit die the death they deserve. Move on. Quit dragging the rest of the country, and countless generations to come, down into that quagmire that this monumental monetization of debt is about to bring.

Besides, if we are talking about cars, Sweden still has Volvo, owned by Ford...for now. And the Czechs have Skoda, which are built with VW engines and drivelines. The Octavia RS is a pretty decent performer. Understated and cool, I think. My wife's family is only about a 2 hour drive from the Czech border too, but my Schwabische sucks.

Better brush up.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

More inane bullshit

Headline: "UN considering oil tax to help revive world economy"


We simply must eradicate the notion that taxing something is going to "stimulate" anything else, even if it means offing the assholes who perpetrate this idea upon the rest of us (Yes, shoot the bastards in the fucking head!). The whole idea of taxing anything is paramount to destroying it, not making it grow, in any way.

How about this posit?

"...this infusion of cash will make the globe more green..."
And the absurdity of the quote of some bureaubot fuctionary, at about 1:10,

" would be almost, if not, totally unnoticed by the consumer, particularly because we've seen oil prices fall over the last year..."
All so some asshole (presumably this asshole) can make himself look good for the proletariat, or worse, make himself "feel good" about occupying his spot in line to the food trough. Nothing more than a self-important lout on a power grab.

Then, the real clincher,

"...his defense is...'we can't afford not to'..."

As if he actually knows that. The IPCC has been discredited, so thoroughly that the data that they have produced can not be trusted as accurate. In fact, NO ONE has enough data to suggest anything of the sort of what they are suggesting. Taxing you and me back to the fucking stone age is their sole goal.

Is your blood boiling yet?

Mine is.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Classic No-Think

Note the comments by persimmon, and how he/she suggests that by artificially limiting the capability of someone to earn, the market supposedly "improves". I suppose they consider what "those evil, rich people" are doing is hording, or something.

This passes as rational thought by the leftists, to no surprise.

Loved this one, too;
“…childless just like Rand.”
That’s a critical understanding about Rand. She lacked that part of socialization. When you have kids, you begin to see things differently..."
Ah yes, the "socialization" canard. Tired, and stupid, is that argument. My views have only been solidified since becoming a father, as I've come to understand how important my value structure is to passing on to my son.

There's more, but I can't quite bring myself to comment on it, since it's mostly just blather from the unwashed.

Hope I run into these statist sons-a-bitches sometime after the balloon goes up.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

What's a fate worse than death for "The Most Dangerous Man In America"

I'm curious as to exactly how this paid, professional liar is going to do it, but, for the sake of argument, let's assume he can pull this bit;
"Sunstein would ban the eating of meat, hunting, and the private ownership of firearms. He would grant legal rights to animinals and allow attorneys for them to file lawsuits."
This asshole can be dealt with, and given the reins he'll be given, it will prove too much power for him to resist using (I've never met a Donk who wasn't a sincere statist, after scratching the surface).

We don't even have to "do him" in any conventional sense of the word.

My solution merely involves a chair, some rope, a fresh steak and maybe a few "pointy bits", along with a few spare hours of my time.

I honestly want this little bitch to try it. All of it.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Government doesn't create jobs

It taxes others, and nominally assigns someone a title, and gives them the proceeds from the taxes. That is all it can do. It doesn't create anything, it merely destroys productivity.

I find this bit extraordinary;
"Obama spoke at the graduation ceremony for 25 police recruits who owe their jobs to the $787 billion economic recovery bill he signed into law less than three weeks ago."
Um, no.

These "jobs" that were supposedly "created" by the "Stimulus Bill" are nothing more than taxpayer funded largesse for these twenty five cops, who will do nothing about decreasing crime in this country.

We don't need more cops. We don't need more government mandated jobs. We don't need more law enforcement. We don't need more regulation.

What we need are citizens. Citizens who won't tilt at the thought of having to do, or pay for, something themselves, like their own healthcare. Their own homes. Their own kids. Their own lives.

What we need is more freedom, not more government.

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The Government doesn't giveth...

...but it surely will taketh away.

I had been wondering about how my own property tax bill was going to look like this year. After arriving last week, I was almost afraid to look, fearing we'd be staring at an assessed value that is more than we could expect to see if we sold the damned thing tomorrow. Thankfully, that is not the case, the county assessor's office is at least making an attempt at reflecting actual market valuation.

Those poor sobs in Hoboken are fucked, however.

This is yet another example of how government can, and will, destroy.

H/T to David Codrea at War on Guns.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Taking the good with the bad...and the even worse.

I had a laugh when I took a look at that graph, which wasn't surprising, at all.

Then I read that last line, and though I can't seem to access the link from Howestreet, it hardly matters; I already know what they're suggesting.

"This would be funny, were it not for what it portends."

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