Friday, March 06, 2009

Government doesn't create jobs

It taxes others, and nominally assigns someone a title, and gives them the proceeds from the taxes. That is all it can do. It doesn't create anything, it merely destroys productivity.

I find this bit extraordinary;
"Obama spoke at the graduation ceremony for 25 police recruits who owe their jobs to the $787 billion economic recovery bill he signed into law less than three weeks ago."
Um, no.

These "jobs" that were supposedly "created" by the "Stimulus Bill" are nothing more than taxpayer funded largesse for these twenty five cops, who will do nothing about decreasing crime in this country.

We don't need more cops. We don't need more government mandated jobs. We don't need more law enforcement. We don't need more regulation.

What we need are citizens. Citizens who won't tilt at the thought of having to do, or pay for, something themselves, like their own healthcare. Their own homes. Their own kids. Their own lives.

What we need is more freedom, not more government.

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