Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Add this to the list of reasons we're fucked

The direct implications of this, in principle, could be restated thusly,
"Your production is not your own, your government will take from it what it wants, up to, and including all of it."
And you can bet your ass that a bunch of the stumblefucks who voted for the Lightworker last November feel exactly that way.

I also note that today, over at Survivalblog, George Celente got a link in the Economic and Investing category, and rather openly calls for revolt. The only problem with his thinking is his suggestion that it be free from "Brute Force", to wit;
"I am calling for an 'Intellectual Revolution'. I ask American citizens to free their minds from the tyranny of 'Dumb Think.' This is a revolution about thinking - not manning the barricades. It's about brain power - not brute force."
Sorry, but that's not likely.

Revolutions, even those sparked by intellectual examination of grievances, almost never get traction that way. With little exception, there is violence of some sort, whether by the entrenched power structure attempting to thwart the coup and keep power, or the slaying of the Mad Man by the righteous, or even simple bystander collateral accidents, violence happens.

I'm still quite hopeful that the citizenry of this country will somehow wake up out of its stupor, put the government in its rightful role, that'd be as servant, and begin to produce, like she once did. The recent actions by the Stumblefuck-in-Chief and lackeys of his "economic team" have me considering the rather expedited schedule of the collapse of the Western World. It may actually be working, just not in they way they think it is.

The whole thing is beginning to simmer at the bottom quite nicely, now.

As the Sith say, "Patience, my young apprentice."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sith"? That's an intellectually useless fantasy by a fat addle-fuck. Remember that the Ewoks were actually Viet Cong.

10:04 PM  
Blogger theirritablearchitect said...

...Or, you could just go fuck yourself, Anon!

9:44 AM  

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