Friday, April 17, 2009

His brain needs it's own pipe cleaner

This is why;
"Civil wars are messy, but ours enshrined the concept that secession wasn't allowed, regardless of what previous agreements or understandings had stated or implied."
Whenever I see these kinds of suppositions, I just usually have to admit that I'm dealing with the mind of a 5-year old, or something. It's always important to remember that the concept, here, is that there is nothing more than law dictating the situation that he is describing, and those, as WE ALL SHOULD WELL KNOW, can, and are, routinely ignored.

It's nothing more than an honor system with onorous consequences, carried out by a bunch of thugs who are more than willing to take their "authority" from nothing more than thin air.

What can be done by something as arcane as law can be undone, Mr. Brindle, and in more than one way. That is that.

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