Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rising tides

That was the thought in my head after reading this;

"Stop the pretense: This is a civil war...His election has taken the cold civil war that has gone on beneath the surface in the U.S. for a long time into a phase that is far more emphatic and out in the open. Continuing the pretense that this is merely a shift from a Republican to a Democratic administration will cause this dramatic assault on American values to come out worse in the long run, catastrophically so, in my opinion..."
via Billy Beck.

What made the whole of it clinch for me was in reflection of something that I wrote in the comments section over at the Smallest Minority, a few days ago;
'"While he may be "right", he has no hope of success"Presumably, you are referencing Billy Beck, and I agree, wholeheartedly, there is no hope of success with his position. The concrete versus the abstract tends to refute this; in this case, the dolts keep harping on and on with how much "authority" they have after they "win" at the ballot box, convinced that the "other side" must now, somehow, be their servile little bitches, or something similar.We have no hope of EVER converting these robots (that's all they are) into thinking humans. It's NOT a matter of education. They simply can NOT learn these simple lessons of freedom, either by outside influences, nor self-reflection. It's inconsistent with their personal philosophy of serving the collective, so individual freedom must be wrong (Kevin says this same thing, at least 2 or 3 times per week) The only way to counter this aggression (let's not mince words, that IS what it is) is the one thing the collectivists understand, brute force.Them's the breaks, gents.We all have much at stake in this, personally as well as (hopefully) seeing the continuation of Western Civilization, but our prospects do not look good.If any of you have ideas about what to do, specifically, I'm greatly interested in reading them.'(Emphasis - Ed.)

It appears that I'm not the only one seeing these things from anything close to a unique perspective.


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