Saturday, April 18, 2009

"What will this country look like in three more months? Six more months? Another year?"

That's how long, three months, almost to the day, that Barry's been in the Whore House.

It seems much longer, and that's what got my attention after reading that title quote; What will it all look like in another three to six months?

There isn't anything about what's happened thus far that inspires much confidence in me for the prospects of any meaningful future.

Yet, I'm reading that bit over at Mike's, and the MIAC report, and the bullshit hit piece that was issued by SPLC that led to it, and something else struck me much harder;
"these panicked partisans fulfill their own prophecy. They take law-abiding people who are already suspicious of the government's competence and motives and provide evidence that convinces the citizenry that their suspicions are fully justified." (emphasis - Ed.)
Jeezis he's right. There is historical precedent on this. A certain leftist political group has done exactly that before, and under frighteningly similar economic times.

It would seem from the talking heads in the libelous MSM, the current Donk Admin, the Donk Congress and for the majority of the populous, anything that one who dares speak out against even a brain-fart of what the Lightworker has decreed, (that is how these people react to him, a Messiah of some sort) to be anything other than sedition. This is coming from the same bunch who so openly cried about how dissent was the highest form a patriotism. This kind of behaviour makes those folks nothing more than pure, partisan, Leftist hacks, with nothing other than blind faith and ambition, playing follow-the-leader.

Dissent doesn't seem to be so patriotic, now, does it? Instead, the Left has taken on their typical colors and changed the language of the argument to suit their agenda. And I think Mike concurs;
"...we must ask how it is that the threshold for "threats" is so low as to incorporate traditional forms of American political speech?"
Indeed. There's no standard that they will not move in order to vilify those they commit to "the other side."

Fuck 'em.

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