Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Into the Maelstrom

I've been a reader of SurvivalBlog almost from its inception.

I'm not much of an apocolypse, world-ending-by-humanity-and-civilization-collapse type, but there are some incredibly useful threads of various topics over there, and I can almost always find good tips or project advice on everything from gardening to domicile security to economics.

When reading this morning's first post topic, Into the Maelstrom, and a Refuge on the Far Side, I'm going through each bullet point, nodding my head at most, when I run across... "Drastically scaled-back city, county, and state services--including police and fire departments"... and I stop.

Please, give me a big, steamy, hot slice of that, RFN!

I'm all about cutting "services" and "programs" that are offered by the anything-but-benevolent gummint, and it can't start soon enough.

Sadly, those who occupy the offices of public popularity often deem themselves "too big to fail," and we're likely to get even more, and far more draconian, taxes and fees, all for the supposed "privilage" of living, if the deflation-inflation cycle posited in Mr. Rawles' scenario comes to pass.

Ball jars and bullets...the new blackmarket currency.

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