Monday, June 29, 2009

If we could wrap this phrase into a bat,

and use it to bludgeon politicians about the head with;
"Sooner or later, the facts of medical production will have their ways. Medicine is an economic good which must be produced just like anything else, no matter anyone's protestation of "rights". It is being regulated out of production (the basic problem in Canada) right in front of your eyes. The implications will be profound for everyone's general quality and length of life, and acute for specialized cases."
From Beck. (who else?)

The second part of that post is good, as he describes the necessary circumstances that must be present for the politicians to so brazenly sweep in for the big kill, forcing Deathcare upon us. Hint, it's all up to the idiots in the electorate.

Love that term, Deathcare, from Billy's good friend, Scooter.

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