Thursday, June 04, 2009

Look at this, and be sick

Utterly amazing.

So far, a career academic, not even yet a law school graduate (that by itself should disqualify him from almost all real jobs), a Yale stumblefuck to boot, is charged with the task of disassembling an equally stumblefuck organization like GM. The Gummint has hired a boy (normally I don't hold someone to this contemptible title unless it seems deserved, and in this case, I think it does) who has never been inside an auto plant, doesn't seem to know a thing about cars, or even business, for that matter, to wit;
"...the job description for Brian Deese, a not-quite graduate of Yale Law School who had never set foot in an automotive assembly plant until he took on his nearly unseen role in remaking the American automotive industry."
"...Nor, for that matter, had he given much thought to what ailed an industrythat had been in decline ever since he was born."
And I'm really quite puzzled how he managed to, ya know, get into this 'position' as the 'automobile reorganization czar', as it would appear, to me anyway, that he's part of the politically connected inner circle with statements such as this;
"Mr. Deese was thrown into the auto industry’s maelstrom as soon the election-night parties ended."
Handing out party favors seems to be a priority amongst the machine-politik henchmen from Chitown. I mean, excuse me, but, WTF?!?!

Let's continue looking at the wet-behind-the-ears, know-nothing "economic advisor" to the President;

"according to those who joined him in the middle of his crash course about the automakers’ downward spiral, he has emerged as one of the most influential voices in what may become President Obama’s biggest experiment yet in federal economic intervention.

While far more prominent members of the administration are making the big decisions about Detroit, it is Mr. Deese who is often narrowing their options..."

I'm sure that "narrowing" bit is right on, and he'd know about the industry, well and truly understand the business, through this "crash course," that presumably qualifies him to tell a business what to do? But apparently, he knows more about the big picture, you see, than the rest of us proles, and can wave his hands over his crystal ball, and tell the future;
"...A month ago, when the administration was divided over whether to support Fiat’s bid to take over much of Chrysler, it was Mr. Deese who spoke out strongly against simply letting the company go into liquidation, according to several people who were present for the debate..."
and then we get to the other baggage,
"...Mr. Deese was not the only one favoring the Fiat deal, but his lengthy memorandum on how liquidation would increase Medicaid costs, unemployment insurance and municipal bankruptcies ended the debate..."
Ah, yes, the "hidden" costs. What they mean in plain English is that the Gummint has made promises to a bunch of people that it can't keep, in the form of entitlements, and they'd be pissing off more people if they didn't appear to be "doing something", as that's a standard requirement of the masses, playing up the class warfare meme.

Further into the morass, we get this;
"Mr. Deese’s role is unusual for someone who is neither a formally trained economist nor a business school graduate, and who never spent much time flipping through the endless studies about the future of the American and Japanese auto industries.,"
yet the Gummint Heavies are giving credence to this hopelessly uninformed twit's opinions, if you can actually call them that.

"...He (Boy Wonder) starts the day at a desk wedged just outside of Mr. Summers’s office, where he can hear what young members of the economic team have come to know as “the Summers bellow. From there, he can make it quickly to the press office to help devise explanations for why taxpayers are spending more than $50 billion on what polls show is a very unpopular bailout of the auto industry..."
So, it's about the spin, then? I mean, that's what's being said, right there, plain as day. It's all about public perception.

And, of course, what so many of us already knew, before the professional liars and thieves kited billions of dollars, straight from thin air, for several months;

"The other day he talked about how sharply perceptions of the industry’s future changed after Mr. Obama’s election.

“At the first meeting with Rick Wagoner,” he said, referring to G.M.’s recently deposed chief executive, “they were in a very different place. He said publicly that bankruptcy was not a viable option. It’s been a long process getting everyone to look at the options differently.”

In fact, from before Inauguration Day, few in Mr. Obama’s circle saw any other choice. Every time Mr. Deese ran the numbers on G.M. and Chrysler, he came back with the now-obvious conclusion that neither was a viable business, and that their plans to revive themselves did not address the erosion of their revenues."

Yes, as I stated, we knew this. So, why was the charade carried along any further? Why wasn't GM let to the wolves of bankruptcy and the attendant benefits from which that may have fostered?

The rest of the article is really just a rimjob for the Boy Wonder, inflating his image and ego, flagellating us proles about his meteoric rise in doling out the cheese, policy-making and do-gooder-feelism, that is the stock-in-trade for the Marxist class. As if I really care about how diverse his upbringing was, or how it would effect his decision making abilities.

A overeducated, commited, inexperienced leftist, without any original nor principled thought, hopelessly idealistic and without any real working knowledge of the business he was handed to "restructure" through raw political power plays and back-slapping, making decisions about how the whole things goes down. That about sums it up.

Idiots at the helm.

Are any of you skeered yet?

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