Friday, June 12, 2009

Stop demanding things of Congress,

other than demanding of them to stop doing anything at all.

Walter Williams needs to be put in charge of that whole shitbox, RFN.

A couple of gems;
"When people call for government to do something, it is as if they've been befallen by amnesia and forgotten just who is running government. It's the very people whom they have labeled as thieves and crooks, liars and manipulators, hustlers and quacks."
"...there's the question of whether there is anything that Congress does well. What about Social Security and Medicare? Congress has allowed Social Security and Medicare to accumulate an unfunded liability of $101 trillion. That means in order to pay promised elderly entitlement benefits, Congress would have to put trillions in the bank today earning interest. Congressional efforts to create "affordable housing" have created today's financial calamity. Congress props up failed enterprises such as Amtrak and the U.S. Postal Service with huge cash subsidies, and subsidies in the forms of special tax treatment and monopoly rights. I can't think of anything that Congress does well yet we Americans call for them to take greater control over important areas of our lives."
He's right about it all, of course, and the Eloi just keep harping about how the Gummint must do this or that, lest people will starve, or go blind, or die, or whatever cause it is that they've taken up this week.

Can't wait to start the killing in the streets.

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