Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another wheel comes off

Can't imagine that it will take much more of these kinds of shenanigans to get the revolt started;
" income tax surcharge on the highest-paid wage earners ..."
I suppose this is supposed to make the whole bit more palatable to the plebes, as it makes the whole thing look like a Robin Hood fairy tale or something.

Look at what they are trying to slide in too, knowing that they can't possibly pay for all of their socialistic dreams from the few who they deem "too rich";
"...key lawmakers are expected to call for a tax or fee equal to a percentage of a worker's salary on employers who do not offer health benefits."
What they are saying here is that if an employer doesn't offer health care benefits to their employees, a fee or tax will be assessed on a percentage basis of that employees wages.

What the Congressweasels doesn't realize is this; that tax, or penalty, as I'll call it, isn't going to come out of the pocket of the nasty, greedy, rich employer, but straight out of the pocket of the guy who is putting in the real work, the production, of the good or service being rendered by said company. And that dollar amount isn't going to actually cover anything even remotely close to healthcare coverage for that one particular person, and anyone who knows where taxes go should know this.

Additionally, there is still another fly shitting in my corn flakes in Max Baucus, insisting that there should be a tax imposed on any healthcare benefits being "received" by those who actually are insured! I'm sure I couldn't explain to him that though I am covered under the plan provided by my employer, I'm actually paying for all of it, straight out of my paycheck. Every last bit of it, sir. I'm not "receiving" anything for "free", you ignorant lout, so fuck off!

The other stuff that is just as sickening is that the liars keep saying that they are "planning" to "pay" for part of this "insurance for all" scheme by cutting payments for Medicare and Medicaid. Did you see that specific in the verbiage? Planning. As in they are making a verbal promise, which will, no doubt, be completely reneged upon at their earliest convenience.

What I'm sure of is this; these dolts are going to do it. They simply have to. They can't resist the temptation of patting themselves on the back, and that's the only thing that really matters to them, the self-serving ego-stroke they get from passing this legislation. The feelgoodism is simply oozing out of them, and they have no idea what it is they are instigating by doing this.


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