Monday, July 13, 2009

Controlling the narrative

The headline on the Yahoo! frontpage reads this;
"Partisan bickering continues over Sotomayor's impartiality"
See, this is where my hatred of the fucking MSM is rooted. A far more appropriate title would have read something like this;
“A Latina woman will reach a better conclusion in a court case than some misogynistic cracker male, 'cuz, ya know, I've got a better perspective on, well, everything, being a woman, and a Latino,”
What a fucking crock of shit.

As if that weren't enough, there is yet another clip of her sticking her foot in her mouth over what the duty of courts are. She comes right out and says it, only to realize an instant later that she's said something erroneous and contemptible;
"...court of appeals is where policy is made,"
She needs to be run out of this country on a rail.

Maybe Dictator-for-life Chavez is looking for another useful idiot commie to add to his bench?

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