Wednesday, July 01, 2009

He has nothing to contribute

How is it that bringing yet another bloated federal bureaucracy into this mess is going to make anything more efficient, or get the costs down?

Loved this bit;
"Obama said the best way to drive down health care costs is to persuade doctors and hospitals to emphasize quality of care over the quantity of procedures."
Stated as if it were fact, when no proof has been provided to affirm the position. His "persuasion" is only a thinly veiled threat, by the way, and more than hints at dictating to hospitals and doctors about amounts that can be charged for a procedure, effectively creating a price structure by fiat.

Also, there is a rather overwhelming suggestion that what's needed is "preventative care",
"...the nation's long-term needs require a greater emphasis on preventive care and "cost-effective care,"
which could be interpreted as something similar to Canada's system, where simple illnesses and stitches are easily and promptly treated (and if you believe the liars, free of charge too), but where the more serious and acute cases usually end up being treated in the U.S.

Putting the government in charge of anything is an invitation for disaster. They have NO HOPE of ever making anything cost effective, nor "fair" (a term that has been bandied about since...I don't know when). The Congress, the bureaucracies and the MSM are doing nothing except selling a lie to the American public (insofar as they are Americans, by birth), by promising something to all that they don't actually produce! That's criminal, no matter the label you'd care to apply to the scheme they are shelling out.

That last link deserves a hat tip to Kevin, at TSM.

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