Monday, August 31, 2009

More excellence

From the Mistress of Snark;
"...We the uncaring, governed by the incompetent, asked to pay the unimaginable and adhere to the indecipherable..."
Pure brilliance.

Could it be said any better?

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Note to all

You want to know what this is called, boys and girls?


Tam has the perfect lean on this, as usual.

She's right. I'm just sure that if this bit of excrement had been brought for a vote, or even mentioned in committee, circa, say '05, the Donks would have just been up in arms over it. Useful idiots indeed. Uncle Vlad would be so proud.

Billy Beck weighs in too, and as he keeps saying, "All politics in this country is now just dress rehearsal for civil war."


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Non-Think

I quote the headline;
"'Strong model': The case for postal-service style health care"
How does one conflate such things? Oh, yeah, idiot MSM.

How much intellectual wattage must one have in order to discriminate between what is provided, at the expense of others, from what is earned?

What other item is missing from the argument at hand in that link, you may ask? The USPS has been in the red for years, and bleeding it. Not even an issue over there, not to my surprise.


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yet more proof

The "legacy" media just doesn't get it;
"Kennedy's Death Leaves Void, Lasting Legacy"
Jeezis. What a bunch of boo-tlickers.

Anyway, I'm glad that stupid fucker is now pushing daisies, and that's the nicest thing I could think to say about him.

Good riddance.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Depths of stupidity

I'm gobsmacked.

I suppose this means that the economy is just fine, and that writing loads of bad debt, leveraging worthless dollars to the Chinese and smoking the printing presses for more currency are all acceptable methods for dealing with an already bad situation.

Fucking nuts.

H/T to Tam.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

My response?

Just don't answer.

Don't respond in any manner to these twits.

I don't give rat's ass if there was a Congressional request for it or not. Hell, I'd ignore it if there were a Congressional subpeona involved. Waxman, the rat-faced little bastard, has NO AUTHORITY to do it, and he needs to be reminded of it.

The cannibal pot is coming to a boil, can you tell?

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Missing the point, completely

What about this isn't just as disturbing as the filth being discussed by the Donks about "Health Care Reform?"

Answer: Nothing.

Your "rights" about your care are already yours, and your responsibility to pay for whatever it is you think you need, up to, and including, insurance. Politicians promising this and that are attempting to do nothing except fool the gullible. Pretty easy to see, from my point of view, what the strategy is, here.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interesting Times

I read my usual haunts this morning, and turn up the (usual) gems.

Barney Frank is too arrogant to deal with his constituents, and simply will not answer to a, "dining room table."

I'm kinda wondering how long it'll be before that attitude gets him killed. Seriously, that shit is pure third world dictator stuff. Billy weighs in, with a short, but excellent, observation.

Mike Vanderboegh looks at the Devil, straight in the eye, and spits.

Things are heating up, boys and girls.

Interesting times are just about upon us (slight chuckle at Buffet's quote about 'carbon emissions,' but there's a serious point in there on the debt-to-GDP thing).

H/T to Sean, via Tam, for that link to the slobbering idiot communist, parading around as some aristocrat.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Observations on a culture in decline

I link to the mistress of snark, and point to her comments section, here;
"...Neutering the government oversight of the financial industry in the name of 'free markets' was the cause of the current financial crisis..."
Talk about a fucking LOON.

When someone is so obviously bereft of any history of the subject at hand that they'd simply, no, glibly, repeat such insipid non-sense that he'd read from, say, Paul Krugman, it's getting equally obvious that original scholarship and thought is no longer prevalent in that society.

Then again, a Nobel Prize going to such an anti-thinker like Krugman should be a clue too.

Swirlin' 'round the bowl.

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The correct analysis and the right attitude

The man has some serious cajones, too.

Beginning at about :50,

"....'I want this/that, this/that, this/that, I'll just vote and take it from you.' Well, eventually, in America, people will be able to say 'No'..."

and this, at about 1:40,
"...Just because you sick the government on people, doesn't make it morally OK to steal money from people..."

I think he gets the point of the whole matter, down to its dirty, rotten core.

That's more important than the fact that he was carrying an AR-15, in full view of everyone.

I bow in your general direction, sir. We need more like you.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Intellectual Myopia

Couldn't help but notice this "Warning," as it was phrased on the front page.

Sez also, "The president rebukes Congress and the defense establishment for diverting resources to pet projects." (My emphasis - snickering)

I almost hit my head on my keyboard, laughing.

Barry is quoted,
"If Congress sends me a defense bill loaded with a bunch of pork, I will veto it,"

You mean, like this?

Barry hasn't a clue about comedy. If he did, he'd understand the irony in what he's saying.

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Ahhhh, look at the sad clowns

"Crackdowns" coming to a town (or neighbor) near you

Like I said last week, teh Gummint is going to start making an example out of just enough people to keep the fear factor up, in an attempt at keeping up appearances regarding the one thing it absolutely can not live without - control.

Keep the pressure on, I say. Nothing good will come from it, and the feds are too stupid to know any better.

I think that there will be a marked increase in several "luxury" items being purchased by some of these "tax evaders," and finding themselves, shortly thereafter, permanently lost at sea, with a substantial haul of both gold and some other form of reserve currency or bearer bonds.

2012 is looking more plausible all the time.

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Spot the problem

Hint: It has nothing to do with the fit of the bushing.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Facts, truth and liars

Perennial liar and professional sophist, Markadelphia, keeps doing the inverted-shoe-leather-into-speaking-orifice routine over at Kevin's.

His claims about the timetable and the lack of a call for quick action are just laughable too.

Even when proven completely wrong, he comes back and swerves, dodges and avoids taking his medicine.

The One, in his own words;

So, he admits it, for all to see. At 5:32, "they know that we can't let special interests and partisan politics stand in the way of reform, not this time around," and from there proceeds to paint a picture of what he is certain will be the outcome if we, as he says, "do nothing."

How does that arrogant bastard know this? Is he omniscient? Where's the crystal fucking ball? At the very least, where's the application of principle? That's right, there isn't one, and that fucking mob has admitted as much.

He wanted it done before the August recess, but was thwarted, obviously, by LOTS of angry citizens.

Now, it seems that The One still is demanding that "Health Care Reform" get passed before the end of the year.

But remember, according to Markadelphia, The One is not pushing...and I've got a pig that can fly.

That stupid fuck, Marky, needs to find a convenient method for committing seppuku.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fourth Amendment used for toilet paper

Just amazing.

Time to convert as much net worth as possible to tangibles and gold, and start stashing it, I guess. Nothing's beyond the grasp of the fucking Gummint, including your cash.

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Isn't this one of the reasons we kicked out the Brits?

You know, that part about a long train of abuses and usurpations?

My reaction after reading it, the first thing I thought of?


Politicians with their heads stuck in the fucking sand.

I'm seriously considering that our elected servants are more and more viewing themselves as the anointed ones, further detaching themselves from any semblance to reality.

The boiling of the current political condition is coming along nicely, and with aloof and glib "representatives" such as McCaskill and Specter, it's coming quicker than I'd expected.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Preaching and praying for a disaster

I'm almost speechless at the ignorant bastard for what he's promoting in that comment thread.

It's all right there, in black and fucking white, and the stupid bastard can't wrap his pinhead around the plain fucking meaning of the words that even HE says are right there!

If anyone isn't certain about the seriousness of this issue, well, watch this;

You think Mr. Sola is taking this personally? I'm glad it's sinking in with folks like him.

That dirtbag Dingell shoulda gotten what's left of his fucking teeth kicked in, and he may have if the cops hadn't put themselves between the two.

Going beyond the pale, however, was the bit of night-riding going on after the dustup at the townhall.

That is the result that I'm looking for, honest to God. Seriously, someone is going to get a bullet to the brain on this, eventually, and if that's what it takes to make people wake the fuck up, so be it.

H/T, again, to Grant Jones, for the linkage.

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Keeping a finger on the pulse

I've been paying attention to the underlying resentment of certain factions within this country for some time.

A fairly new wedge (insofar as its immediacy, by my view) is getting driven between the already seething camps by way of the issue of "health care" and who should be responsible for what.

The ridiculousness of it all, the length of the bills being negotiated (without being read), the mandates and the overt theft of both production and liberty is staggering. The recent town halls that I've been seeing footage of are a pretty good indication to me of the depth of the issue's reach, and it's doing little except fomenting outright revolt.

As Billy keeps saying, "All politics in this country is now just dress rehearsal for civil war"

Pay attention to all of those links, there, in his post. Of special concern is some of the framing going on with the ads, claiming of a "mob" being used by the Republicans, when it's nothing more than concerned citizens protesting in these town hall meetings, is beyond the pale.

Every single one is with regards to the issue of a government takeover of the health care of every citizen and the means of production of same.

{smartass alert}

I can't imagine what he's talking about. Watch the whole thing, and be enraged.

On the lack of principles, I have no doubt, but their sheer determination, ambition, and resolve is unquestionable.

Make no mistake, if this thing keeps going the way it's currently headed, there will be civil war, and it's going to come down to neighbors killing neighbors. You can count on it.

Sharpen the knives, and keep your powder dry, folks.

H/T to fellow Kansan, Doug, at Kalapanapundit for the linkage.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stiglitz is a moron

How does one know this?

He just opens his mouth and starts talking.

That is all.

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Hilarious similarities

On the heels of the Cash for Clunkers dustup yesterday, Og at Neanderpundit floats a suggestion about how to deal with the reality of health care issues in the post-privatized Obama health care era.

I laughed, but only breifly.

Lessons never learned.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Internal combustion engine meets Madam Guillotine

First seen at Les', I just had to see what was up with the idiotic Cash-for-Clunkers program, supposedly requiring a vehicle's engine to be completely ruined, by nothing other than mandate from the program.

Simply astonishing.

The gall that these people (that'd be the politicians on Capitol Hill) have is unbelievable.

So, in Congress' efforts to get A) new car sales going again, and B) get more cars in circulation that get better mileage and reduced emissions, the car gets impounded by the dealer and can not be sold again. I get that.

This I didn't know; The engine must be entirely disabled by filling the crankcase with a Sodium Silicate and water solution, and run for several minutes, so as to set the mixture with the heat produced during operation. The results? Concrete where it shouldn't be.

The engine treated as deodand.

An evil thing needing to be destroyed.

I'm at a loss.

Much Later: From Billy Beck;
"This so-called "Cash For Clunkers program" is just hideous in its atavistic primitivity..."
at its philosophical base, yes, but in more concrete terms,
"All those engines and spare parts would have come in handy someday..."
But that's not the worst part of it. More importantly, there's this bit, as he quotes Matt Welch, from Reason;
"What do you think happens to the $800 car market when the guvmint is handing out $4,500 checks to have the things destroyed? I'll go ahead and state the obvious: It shrinks, making it more expensive for the truly poor people, the ones who want to make that daring leap from the bus system to an awful old bucket of rust." (emphasis - Ed.)
Yup. Perfectly servicable automobiles being reduced to nothing other than scrap, and that is a travesty. And like that 5 year-old Volvo S40 getting the axe put to its engine on Youtube, you've got a system that is rigged to put good cars out of commission, permanently, that could easily be driven for another ten years. The depreciation of that car to its owner (monetarily), when new, is now substantial, and if he is looking to unload it, he still could have SOLD it to someone for more than the $4,500 dollars than he's getting from Uncle Sugar. Private party sale, from Kelley's, is somewhere north of $9K!

This shit just amazes me.

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