Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tell me something I don't know

Compliments to SurvivalBlog, for this piece on why a stock market crash is inevitable.

Of particular interest on the list is number seven, 7. Trade Protectionism, Socialist Tones, and Government Intervention, like we didn't know that governmental intervention (Socialism, a fact, not conjecture) in economics has a proven record of producing disastrous results.

When will the dolts learn?

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Just how slippery is that slope getting?

I'm sure Ahhhhnuld will come up with some kind of dipshit excuse for supporting this piece-of-shit bill, and sign it into law.

Things are really starting to warm up within our borders.

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Overreach, part 9,561

Barry, this is not within your scope of duties.

Fuck off.

Go back to beating Iran about the head, neck and face.


That is all.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Can somebody rush the stage,

and escort this idiot out the door?


The stupid motherfucker thinks he's fucking Peter Pan or something.

I can hear him saying it now, "If I wish hard enough, anything is possible."

What a loser we have at the helm.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


The money quote;
"The recordings represented "clear violations of Maryland law that were intended to inflict maximum damage to the reputation of ACORN," the community organizer's attorney, Arthur Schwartz, said. "Unfortunately, they succeeded."
Yup, and your tort suit has no way of undoing, nor breaking the back of the revelations it has uncovered.

Sit down and STFU.

H/T to Tam.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Regularize Commerce, as it was intended

That's the lesson here, boys and girls.

And in the comments section, this excellent summation and observation;

Randall Hoven Wrote, on Sept.22 at 9:13 AM:
"Not only would this not cost any tax dollars, the CBO estimated that it would SAVE $7.4B over 2010-2019 and cover a net extra 400,000 of the uninsured by 2014. A simple rule change, with no funds to allocate, no bureaucracy to create, and no czar to appoint. For those states or localities with only 1 or few insurance providers to choose from now (as Obama has claimed), this simple change would add HUNDREDS of such providers to the competition. The "public option" would add ONE."

It can't be put any simpler.

H/T to Billy Beck.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holes in heads

That's where this is going, and the lying dimwit just keeps up the same lie.

This is the clincher;
"If you put something in the Internal Revenue Code, and you tell the IRS to collect it, I think that's a tax," said Clint Stretch, head of the tax policy group for Deloitte, a major accounting firm. "If you don't pay, the person who's going to come and get it is going to be from the IRS."
One question; what did Barry think was going to happen by putting the responsibility of confirming coverage into the hands of the fucking IRS?

Hammer in search of a nail.

Is the man this stupid?

If this keeps up, there will be lots more holes getting put into heads. Just a fact.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Small victories

The important part;
"...Judge Black denied the police officers' requested "qualified immunity," a judicially created doctrine allowing government officials acting in good faith to avoid liability for violating the law where the law was not "clearly established..."

There needs to be far more of this, and more.

The Goons getting it stuck to them good and hard will eventually get their attention.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Another downside of acting like idiots"

Via SurvivalBlog, I found this, by that article by the Mogambo Guru.

He's right about it all, of course, but I thought this bit funny;
"...he did not get into this kind of pessimism, where I figure people are this
close (hold up thumb and forefinger almost touching to indicate "almost") to
digging up and eating the dead..."
I laugh, only because of the seriousness of the possibility.

Yes, I like dark humor.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taxachusetts Democrats favor a Kennedy

Like we didn't know that already.

How 'bout we take off and nuke the site from orbit?

It's the only way to be sure.

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I'm loving the hate

This quote by Muhtar Kent is spot on;
“I have never seen it work where a government tells people what to eat and what to drink,”W
hich is exactly what it is, since Congress is considering levying a tax (the power of destruction) on soft drinks to, ostensibly, pay for their healthcare reindeer games.

From Barry,
‘‘I actually think it’s an idea that we should be exploring. There’s no
doubt that our kids drink way too much soda.”
How nice. He thinks he's everyone's Mommy and Daddy now, and he admits as much;
"Obviously there is resistance on Capitol Hill to those kinds of sin taxes....Legislators from certain states that produce sugar or corn syrup are sensitive to anything that might reduce demand for those products. And look, people's attitude is that they don't necessarily want Big Brother telling them what to eat or drink, and I understand that."
Actually, Barry, ya don't understand that at all. And the labeling of whole thing a "sin tax," isn't doing your argument any favors, moron.

What they're really doing is shooting themselves in the foot, since Coca-Cola is such a worldwide brand. I don't think that the corporate officers will take too terribly long with implementing a plan, if this non-sense continues with the special tax, to take the corporate HQ to the Cayman's or some other tax haven (clearly, the Congressweasals can't think that far ahead - losing all of the sales revenues), and run the company from offshore, and let the results of whatever may happen to the domestic supply and demand that comes from all this, be.

Fruit, rotting on the vine, is what it's going to amount to.

The sick bullshit just keeps coming from the bastards in Washington.

H/T to Tam.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hitting the nail squarely

Talking of reclamation and reuse of old-growth forest timbers, Billy opines that the mere thought of having to deal with the bureaucratic malaise is just too much to bear;
"The sick rot of it all is that the very next thing one must account for is how much all the vampires from here to Albany would suck out of the project of so much as pinning a dozen of the goddamned things together upright."
Don't I fucking know it.

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Picking up some steam

In an addendum to my earlier post, it seems that David Codrea has more links to follow.

Anyone who starts in with some bullshit Pollyanna excuses about the cops "needs" should look no further than that piece at William Grigg's place, and consider the ramifications of letting the cops plainly do anything they damn well please, under any excuse imaginable.

Mr. Grigg makes an excellent point;

"...You see, Officer Brian Miller, being not only a hero (they're all heroes, don't you know) but something of an oracle, just knew Lockard was drunk, despite the reading on his otherwise infallible device. So Miller obtained a "warrant" from a complaisant judge (a warrant being a permission slip from one government agent to another authorizing the violation of a citizen's rights) that authorized the kidnapping of Lockard for the purpose of forcibly extracting bodily fluids -- blood and urine. The former was drawn by a needle. The latter was siphoned from Lockard's body through the forced insertion of a catheter.

Those tests both confirmed what the initial roadside test had demonstrated: Lockard was, for purposes of the law, as sober as Carrie Nation.

So the matter ended here -- correct?Of course it didn't. Because Lockard had, in some unspecified and ineffective way, protested Officer Miller's actions, the uniformed pest vindictively charged him with "obstruction of justice" -- meaning that Lockard had the temerity to be legally sober and to maintain his innocence while undergoing the criminal indignities inflicted on him by Miller and his partners in official crime..."

And with that, I submit to anyone who reads this; there is the Rule-of-Law for you. What does that mean to the average schmuck on the street these days? Not much, I'm afraid.

I now also submit that the situation is only going to get worse from here on out.

I must ask, what would the Founders have thought about being manhandled by the fucking Brits in a similar manner?

When's it all gonna get to be too much to bear?

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That sound is Liberal heads exploding

Yeah, thought so.

Once a government goon, always a government goon.

Can't make it look like they're not in control.

I'm sure the usual suspects who idolize that Loser-in-Chief are already making excuses for him.

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Loose lips

Someone was talkin' when they shouldn't have been.

Just sayin'.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Cops are looking for, "Plump, bouncy veins"

And I'm going to put a .45-inch hole into the skull of the first Officer-of-the-Law who attempts to pull out that fucking syringe on me.

Just loved this leviathanic quote, and the wording makes it sound like a flowery poof of fresh air, or some other Clintonian bullshit,
"If the results seem promising after a year or two, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will encourage police nationwide to undergo similar training..."
As if it's some sort of Pepsi Challenge popularity contest.

And this is supposed to give me the warm fuzzies, I suppose;

"All the officers seemed like they'd be more comfortable if their colleagues were wielding sidearms instead of syringes. But halfway through the second day of training, with about 10 venipunctures each under their belts, they relaxed enough to trade barbs alongside needle jabs.

They're making quick progress, Watson said. Their training will be complete after they have logged 75 successful blood draws.

Once they're back on patrol, they will draw blood of any suspected drunk driver who refuses a breath test. They'll use force if they need to, such as getting help from another officer to pin down a suspect and potentially strap them down..."

I sure that forcing people down and sticking them is true enough.

Fucking amazing, and here, in what was once a Free America.

Oh, and I give fuck-all about the fact that the god-damned SCOTUS made a fucking ruling about this issue, as mentioned in the article, six years before I was born. That doesn't mean it has any sort of ethical underpinning, at all. It's merely a case of what government does best, scratching its own back.

Fourth Amendment, soundly trashed...again.

Anyone ready for the AmRev, part II to get started? I'm bringing the lighter fluid and matches to Washington. I'm planning a serious bonfire with the U.S. Code and various other Titles. Maybe we could invite our representatives and give them all their pinkslips upon their arrival?

UPDATE: I've been reading around, and David Codrea has a post on it, and one of his commentors, Sawders, has this to say,
"...Something they should realize is that they cannot stop me from taking revenge after the fact (of the involuntary extraction of his blood, by way of force - Ed.). Pure and simple revenge. They will need to get in the habit of wearing black armbands and listening to Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. Further, I will be no more selective in the execution of my policy than they are in theirs. So, even the non-involved officers of the specific incident will have a downside I would rather not supply, but will if I am ever accosted in that manner."
It appears that we have some support, here.


I wonder if some of these stupid-fuck politicians get it. I'm not fucking around here. I'm stone-cold ass serious. I'm getting blood in this situation, and I'll have satisfaction. Others agree. It's an eye-for-an-eye, and that's the facts about this, for me, and I'm going to go straight after the thug who's responsible. It's obvious to me that some others are going to be far more indiscriminate than I, but I'm not in a position to preach to them about who is a legitimate target in this situation. We're at war with an out of control faction here, and all means that are deemed necessary should be utilized.

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yet more of what I was talking about

Here, and here.

If I were wealthy, in the terms that are being referenced in the article, I'd probably do the same.

I am not ashamed to say it, either.

This country is quickly becoming something that I don't recognize.

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In the same vein as earlier today...

Elected officials are seeking to make things illegaler.

Bring it the fuck ON.

I'm going to be loading up for you assholes, now, and I'm taking names.

Any questions?

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Thinking is out of the question, here

Some people are just that dense.

They'll never get it through their thick skulls that what we in the gun-owning community generally advocate is moving toward an egalitarian ideal by means of keeping thuggery (sometimes organized thuggery) at bay, by means of resorting to the use of force, if necessary.

The fact that there's a gun involved should be immaterial to that thinking. It's just a tool, like that hammer mentioned.

I still don't know how people think otherwise.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Hardly surprising

And yes, I called that one, just yesterday.

I quoteth the article;
"HSBC Holdings Plc’s Swiss private bank says more rich foreigners are inquiring about moving to Switzerland, spurred by rising taxes at home and concerns about the erosion of banking secrecy for non-residents." (emphasis - Ed.)
Further, just as I said, the real options are few;
"...any Swiss banking client with a tax-compliance issue in his home country has three choices: do nothing, make a voluntary disclosure, or, if rich enough, move to Switzerland." (emphasis - Ed.)
The biggest surprise, however, was this bit;

"The country is in the process of signing a series of double-taxation treaties as part of an effort to avoid being placed on the Organization for Cooperation and Development’s blacklist of uncooperative tax havens."

Never even heard of this Organization for Cooperation and Development before. Inquiring minds want to know more.

H/T to SurvivalBlog.

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Ha! Been doing that already.

Except for the mortgage, the only thing that really, trully worries me is being able to keep the house warm in the winter (taking care of alternative means, right now) and putting gas in the truck.

As far as the, "What to buy?" question goes; Farmland? Out of the question... for now. Ammunition? Yes. Lots.

Pack the larder.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Who can tax the sunshine?

A Big Message

I'd move to Switzerland, in a heartbeat, if they weren't already further along the path toward pure socialism than the U.S. is. Their gun laws are going down the shitter too, more's the pity.

I've mentioned before about the intrusiveness into the private affairs of our citizens abroad, and I really don't give a shit what the IRS has to say about the matter, even if it's in regards to U.S. citizens and their holdings overseas.


In what must be a shock to the authority-bootlickers, it's because the activity is taking place within the borders of another country, therefore the god-damned fucking IRS can just keep its grubby fucking mitts off of other people's money. It's none of their god-damned business who has what in what account, and how much is there, and I don't care what the U.S. law says about it.

If I go to Amsterdam and smoke 5-keys of hash, am I supposed to get on my knees and grovel to the fucking DEA about it? Should they be able to prosecute me over it? NO. What I do in a foreign land is bound by their laws, not the laws of where your fucking passport says you come from!

Jeezis, this shit pisses me off.

More folks will be dropping off their passports at the U.S. Embassy, with a small uptick in the lawyerly business of naturalization, to Swiss citizenship, in the next few years, I'll almost gaurantee.

H/T to SurvivalBlog.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"The drugs made me do it!"

Thin excuse, bitch.

He's afraid to admit that he has no control over himself, and this makes it easier for him to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Hope he gets his balls cut off, preferably by his former abductee.

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