Friday, November 13, 2009

I have an equally rational solution

While reading that link (H/T to Billy), I was digesting the particulars, attempting to piece together the comment of permanant Donk control of Congress with the points given regarding marginal and implicit marginal tax rates, when the whole of problem hit me.

It's this;
"In addition to all the other problems with highly subsidized, income-tested health care benefits, will come an even more permanent underclass which, being economically rational, will choose not to earn another dollar rather than lose more than a dollar of benefits."
I, of course, have long been of the opinion that killing most every politician in this country, in a rather public way, would go a long way toward striking the necessary fear into the hearts of the would-be tyrants, except that most people are far too squeemish about seeing blood running in the gutter while watching CNN.

I suppose that my equally rational response is to switch the target from the rulers to the enablers, which, given the current and near term circumstances (the U.S. quickly turning into a third-world country), would be far more feasible, and much more low key. The only question being then, would the fucktards ever get a clue.

Probably not.

I have more notes to take from a few books that I've been reading.

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