Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Make a serious note of this

The headline reads,
"Arming Goldman With Pistols Against Public"
And it's quite literally the truth.

Observe also the Nomenklatura, openly admitted to no less, in NYC,
"...called Goldman Sachs spokesman Lucas van Praag to ask whether it’s true that Goldman partners feel they need handguns to protect themselves from the angry proletariat. He didn’t call me back. The New York Police Department has told me that “as a preliminary matter” it believes some of the bankers I inquired about do have pistol permits. The NYPD also said it will be a while before it can name names..."
This very moment in history is marking a decided escalation of what has been, until now, nothing more than a proxy war. Its eventualities are pretty well documented and it's clearly moving toward, as Karl von Clausewitz said, a continuation of politics by other means.

Please note this bit, from the Obvious File, with certain emphasis,

"Henry Paulson, U.S. Treasury secretary during the bailout and a former Goldman Sachs CEO, let it slip during testimony to Congress last summer when he explained why it was so critical to bail out Goldman Sachs, and -- oh yes -- the other banks. People “were unhappy with the big discrepancies in wealth, but they at least believed in the system and in some form of market-driven capitalism. But if we had a complete meltdown, it could lead to people questioning the basis of the system.”

Torn Curtain

There you have it. The bailout was meant to keep the curtain drawn on the way the rich make money, not from the free market, but from the lack of one..."

An admission like this could be the straw that lay a bit too heavily upon the camel's back. Let us hope it does.

Got your firearms cache up to snuff? Enough food for a year or two?

Just asking.

H/T to SurvivalBlog.

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