Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More stops being pulled

Anyone who knows something about advertising could tell you that the posters Greenpeace are using in Copenhagen are directly targeting the self-image of those whose images are depicted.

Attempting to get Barry(and Angie and Nicolas) to look at himself as an old man now is suggesting to him that he can do the impossible, fend off age and decreptitude by agreeing to onerous and crippling treaties and legislation that will severely limit growth...all so he can feel better about himself, while telling the whole fucking world about it too. It's a scare tactic, nothing more.

Note to self: Sharpen knife skills.

Note to Greeniks: Piss off. I'm using as much gasoline for as long as I can for powering an American vintage piece of iron. I'm currently supplementing my gas furnace with a wood-burning fireplace in a suburban house that is about 32 miles, one way, from where I work.

I look forward to a future confrontation with whomever feels they need to tell me about how I'm killing the fucking planet.

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