Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bald face of the Totalitarianistic Left

Seriously, it's only going to get worse.

Vegan Mondays?

And, "...a carbon tax, "of some kind." Whatever that is supposed to mean.

What's more disgusting, just maybe, is the response given by the American Enterprise Institute's Dr. Ken Green, who said that there were, "overall redundancies," and that congestion charges and increased meter rates were, "just a revenue raiser for the city."

Note for Ken, you've already lost this one, since you are refusing to attack this on anything other than the shear principle of slavery. You've agreed to argue the minutiae about this, and by way, let them define the grounds upon which to fight. Arguing which form of bondage is best in this situation, and attempting to argue that they are somehow "double-dipping," makes about as much sense as a sheep complaining to the the pack of wolves about which one of them gets to eat him, you egg-headed moron.

This is what happens when the collectivist "intellectuals" get together and have an orgy.

These monsters must be stopped.

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