Friday, February 26, 2010

MSM makes their support known

That is why I'm A-OK with slitting their throats when the killing starts.

The outright lies within are astounding, to wit;
"Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the nationally televised event showed GOP lawmakers are "accepting of the status quo" in which insurance companies mistreat consumers." (my emphasis)
By whose standards are consumers being "mistreated?" They've made it sound as if the fucking insurance companies have been at the water board with us all, or something. Oh, and the bit about mistreatment is a meaningful use of a term by the "journalists" here, and not Queen Nancy. You'd best cover that shit up, you journos, your bias is showing.

Yet another tidbit;
"The House and Senate both passed sweeping bills late last year, and had appeared on the cusp of reaching agreement on a final compromise that could remake the nation's health care system early last month. In general, the bills would have expanded coverage to tens of millions who lack it, while curbing insurance industry abuses such as banning the denial of coverage on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions."(again, my emphasis)
This isn't exactly provable, as the provisions simply can not accurately predict that the outcomes will actually provide coverage to their supposed masses (millions, they say). It may be written in the bill that way, but real life has a way of dealing those well-laid plans to ruin.

I'd also like to tell Dick Durbin that he's as dumb as a bag of rocks, straight to his face;
"The Senate's second-ranking Democrat, Richard Durbin of Illinois, seconded the determination to move ahead. "We are not going to wait," he said."
Well, Dick, you've waited this long, and for most of the last 13 months or so, you've had a super-majority working in your favor, and it's led to exactly squat. You could have passed something earlier, and didn't. You're acting like a petulent child dictator with that language, you stupid fuck, and you need your nancy-boy faced slapped for it.

As usual, there is more, but I'll not risk my appetite any further.

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