Saturday, March 27, 2010

To read Von Clausewitz

I present to you, dear readers...all three of you, the recent and rather lengthy post to come out of Sipsey Street. In it Mike describes our current situation in the Window War, via excerpts from 1984, and I point you to one very important part, towards the end. Mike, as he points out, keeps getting cut off in an radio interview he granted with some supposed political 'conservative,' with Mike's 'host' declaring, finally, that we were bound by what he felt were...well, conventional politics;
"he insisted that those of us who love liberty should continue to use the political process -- and ONLY the political process -- to attempt to sustain our God-given rights..." which I had to stop momentarily, since there was an obvious gap in the interviewer's knowledge of what constitutes politics, as war is nothing more than a, "continuation of politics by different means."

Then again, I've never met a Leftist who knew anything of history, or even philosophy. Last week's facts are discarded in favor of the de jour turd that is pulled from the trash, brushed off and sold to the idiots for more than its worth. That is why they can NOT learn from the past, since it is all bunk to them, and therefore, there's nothing to learn from it.

This is war, people. Right now. It may not look like what you think war is, but that does not make it not so. It's merely in a different form...for now. Given enough time, and possibly, no probably, additional maneuvering, the opposition will show itself for what it is, for that is what it wants to do. And in doing so, they'll have a complete stranglehold on the production, economy (what's left of it) and the long arm of the law (already a scary precipice - think the Obamacare fiasco) bearing down on the citizens.

Preparations can not be laid too deeply nor too quickly.

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