Friday, April 30, 2010

Vomitous Mass

Straight from a link on Yahoo!, I read the freakin' link at HuffPo, and was in utter disgust over what looks like nothing more than an orgy of law-making in Washington.

Everyone seems to have their pet project in on this new "Immigration Bill," but it's nothing of the sort when other stuff like "climate change" legislation or National ID cards (AKA the subjugated serf stamp) and expanded "defense spending" horseshit finds its way into the written text of more onerous laws.

These stoopid fux in D.C. are all just sure that what we really need in this country are more laws to fix what are generally only perceived problems.

I wish they'd all just drop dead.

Sickening to watch, but it's all right there.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Weight

American expats are giving up their US citizenship.

And I'm pretty sure that the reasons given in the article are true.

Taxes and banking issues, mostly about having to divulge how much one keeps in foreign assets, helped by the god-damned gummints of the furrin' countries no less, and not typical political shifts, seem to be the reasons.

I'm sure if I had millions (or more) in several different banks around the world, I'd be looking to the Cayman Islands as well, and changing my citizenship too. Switzerland is beautiful, even if they are a bunch of pansy Greeniks who hate the automobile. They've still got guns over there, and, for their citzens anyway, a don't tell policy on your money.

Seriously, there just aren't very many reasons to stay, or even come for citizenship, here now.

Hitting that reset button is looking better all the time.

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Saying it like no other

I love it when Tam writes stuff like,
"Dick Daley is a venal, corrupt, lying sonofabitch, from a long line of venal, corrupt, lying sonsabitches. What he knows about ethics could be written on the head of a pin, in Sharpie."
Perfect comment about a perfect asshole.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Keeping an eye on what's necessary

As mentioned over at Tam's (as well as a mud test from a vid at Xavier's), the SA Mil-Spec is a great 1911, if you are in the market for an entry into 1911-type pistols, and don't want to sell vital parts of your anatomy.

The issue brought forth regarding forging versus casting (MIM also) is addressed in the Mil-Spec by using IMBEL sourced frames and slides (at least they are on my vintage). I bought mine about three years ago, and I've been very happy with it. Not that it matters much in the low pressure .45 ACP cartridge, but it is nice knowing that by being rather over-built for the chambering, it'll more than likely keep shooting for 2 or 3 generations before being rendered unservicable, so long as my progeny can keep throwing the odd extractor, barrel link and springs at it.

So, my opinion of the goods hasn't changed since my purchase. I think the steel forgings are pretty good, with the rest of the innards holding up well too, and the finish (parkerized) still looks good, with a few shiny spots from holster wear.

A good value.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

You want to see a stupid fuck in action?

Straight from a comment I made over at Tam's regarding the "financial crisis," I had this to say;
"I may search YouTube a little to find it, but I saw Little Timmy Geithner on the idjit box last night doing his gummint-must-do schtick. He said, without saying what it was directly, what the 'solution' from the gummint was, and that was a takeover, to, get this, make sure that the next time a too-big-to-fail business goes down, that the taxpayers DON'T get stuck with the bill, but just the shareholders of the Evil Corporate Empire.I about shat my pants at his "solution."Someone needs to show that slobbering idiot two things: A) The fucking door, and B) Austrian Econ 101.Yes, folks, we are dealing with an entirely inferior sub-species, here, and they are Hell-bent on killing us through slavery."
Here he is, the slobbering idiot, in his own words,
"Our challenge, and I'm very confident we're gonna achieve this, is to make sure we have the ability -- and we did not have this in this crisis. We wanna have the ability to, if these large institutions manage themselves to the edge of failure, that we have the ability to come in, to step in and dismember them safely, without the taxpayer being exposed to any risk of loss. And so that shareholders bear (those costs)."


I both laughed and cursed Geithner, for his stupidity, as well as his outright temerity that the Gummint must do something to make it happen; he proposed the obvious, to any right-thinking economist, but immediately back-pedaled in true-form government double-speak, by insinuating that more intrusion in the financial sector was needed, not less;
"We're still living with the same system that gave us this crisis, but in some ways, it's worse than that because, again, you know, we had to do extraordinary things, deeply offensive things, to protect the economy from the mistakes that the financial sector made. And we cannot let them live in the future with the expectation that we're gonna step in again and protect them in the future. We can't do that. And so that's why reform is so important."
Again, what he's proposing is MORE government, and by cause, more money to be thrown at it.

Guess whose money it is?

This is endemic of a culture in decline, by the way, so I don't see that we're going to climb out of this pile of shit anytime soon.

We need help, and I'm not sure from whom.

Update: 10:20PM - Spellcheck should be my friend, but he isn't.

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Making it crystal clear

Remember this;
"...I will point out to you that America has never before sounded more like a bar-fight than it does now..."
today, from Billy Beck.

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Why would they?

It isn't in their best interest to promise to do so, and even if they did, what's a promise from a politicians, current or former, worth?

I have better ways of keeping them honest, but it's by means that few others seem to feel is acceptable.

Oh well, I suppose we'll carry on with the status quo, then.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pulling out the stops. ALL of them.

All I need to know;
"A new tax on large banks is picking up support in Congress..."
The full takeover of the American economy is going to be cheered from the sidelines while this sad chain of events goes down.

Can't say I didn't see it coming, either, but the pace at which these events are going sure makes things interesting, as there is no more inching along. We're at a full rush now.

Got your food stuffs and guns in order?

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Thinking will get you arrested, eventually

No longer satisfied with what was heretofore science fiction, it appears that we are now living in an age of the real, live, Minority Report.

We're getting ever closer to killing each other over shit like this.

H/T to SurvivalBlog.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Can't imagine why anyone would think that.


Who's kidding whom?


It's not even that good.

Full blown depression, or damned near on the brink of it.

This mess ain't over, and I'm convinced we are going to be feeling the effects of this depression for at least the next ten, maybe fifteen, years.

History shows us how the trends from these sorts of events eventually play out. It's something that tends to repeat itself, and largely for the same reasons.

Bring on the suck.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

To those who would subjugate all,

Read this.

The title gets the point across, and that is precisely what the Second Amendment is there for, to keep politicians sweating.

From Mike at Sipsey Street.

That is all.

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What was that about a manufactured crisis, again?

From SurvivalBlog, the link.

Tell me again, Barry, why it was so God-damned important to save those sons-a-bitches the first time?

It gets better, however. Check out his comment at about 1:20 in;

Almost shat my drawers at that "Global Constitution for the banking system" bit.

Hey Gordo, since I'm not a British serf, I feel perfectly OK with printing this bit; If you ever get within arms reach of me, motherfucker, I'll cave your fucking skull in.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

More "rights" being "granted" by Obama

Nothing about this story has anything to do with rights.

Health care is a service.

Rights are not bestowed on anyone from another.

Do you retards understand this?

That is all.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Spot the fail

I'm too tired to comment on this, but let's just say that I give about a 100:1 odds that if the Dead Elephants can regain even a super majority in both houses, they'll still not repeal, to any significant degree, the travesty that is ObamaCare.

The Donks will be laughing about this one for generations.

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More evidence

Cut them all down.

Yes, them, which shouldn't require much wattage to figure out who I mean. They are the ones who've voted for subsidy, a foreign subsidy, and I just don't give a shit if they end up dying over the whole debacle.

In a age where yes means no and where you supposedly have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt, this event shouldn't surprise me, which it doesn't. Really all it does is infuriate me.

Time to start over.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Read this

Now ask yourself one question; How much better would you feel if YOU were the guy who was holding little Elian, and instead of that jackbooted thug busting through that door with his MP5 in one hand, and ordering you to drop the kid, you stuck a 1911 right into the bridge of his nose and let him get on with attaining room temperature?

Anyone else getting a clue about this, yet?

I'm not sure Billy agrees with me about the actions I'm proposing, but I'm fairly certain that he's wanting the bullshit to finally come to a god-damned end, and right fucking now wouldn't be too soon.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What was that?

I'm sure that willingly glib cunt isn't paying any attention, as she's too busy patting herself on the back.

I can't say that I wouldn't mind seeing more of this kind of thing, as pointless as it might be.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ignorance of the system

Reading that bit made me sick, almost as badly as that poor analogy to capitalism and diabetes. Capitalism, by definition, is a system that seeks to make things more efficient, reduce waste and always move toward balance between supply and demand in any given market.

Culture in decline, even if that bat-shit crazy motherfucker who wrote that bit isn't an American. It's still rot and filth, but like the title of his blog, things used to be fuzzy, now it's just doop...or maybe it's just poop.

Stupid fuck should be smashed in the mouth for that crap.

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