Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Weight

American expats are giving up their US citizenship.

And I'm pretty sure that the reasons given in the article are true.

Taxes and banking issues, mostly about having to divulge how much one keeps in foreign assets, helped by the god-damned gummints of the furrin' countries no less, and not typical political shifts, seem to be the reasons.

I'm sure if I had millions (or more) in several different banks around the world, I'd be looking to the Cayman Islands as well, and changing my citizenship too. Switzerland is beautiful, even if they are a bunch of pansy Greeniks who hate the automobile. They've still got guns over there, and, for their citzens anyway, a don't tell policy on your money.

Seriously, there just aren't very many reasons to stay, or even come for citizenship, here now.

Hitting that reset button is looking better all the time.

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