Thursday, April 22, 2010

You want to see a stupid fuck in action?

Straight from a comment I made over at Tam's regarding the "financial crisis," I had this to say;
"I may search YouTube a little to find it, but I saw Little Timmy Geithner on the idjit box last night doing his gummint-must-do schtick. He said, without saying what it was directly, what the 'solution' from the gummint was, and that was a takeover, to, get this, make sure that the next time a too-big-to-fail business goes down, that the taxpayers DON'T get stuck with the bill, but just the shareholders of the Evil Corporate Empire.I about shat my pants at his "solution."Someone needs to show that slobbering idiot two things: A) The fucking door, and B) Austrian Econ 101.Yes, folks, we are dealing with an entirely inferior sub-species, here, and they are Hell-bent on killing us through slavery."
Here he is, the slobbering idiot, in his own words,
"Our challenge, and I'm very confident we're gonna achieve this, is to make sure we have the ability -- and we did not have this in this crisis. We wanna have the ability to, if these large institutions manage themselves to the edge of failure, that we have the ability to come in, to step in and dismember them safely, without the taxpayer being exposed to any risk of loss. And so that shareholders bear (those costs)."


I both laughed and cursed Geithner, for his stupidity, as well as his outright temerity that the Gummint must do something to make it happen; he proposed the obvious, to any right-thinking economist, but immediately back-pedaled in true-form government double-speak, by insinuating that more intrusion in the financial sector was needed, not less;
"We're still living with the same system that gave us this crisis, but in some ways, it's worse than that because, again, you know, we had to do extraordinary things, deeply offensive things, to protect the economy from the mistakes that the financial sector made. And we cannot let them live in the future with the expectation that we're gonna step in again and protect them in the future. We can't do that. And so that's why reform is so important."
Again, what he's proposing is MORE government, and by cause, more money to be thrown at it.

Guess whose money it is?

This is endemic of a culture in decline, by the way, so I don't see that we're going to climb out of this pile of shit anytime soon.

We need help, and I'm not sure from whom.

Update: 10:20PM - Spellcheck should be my friend, but he isn't.

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