Tuesday, May 04, 2010

An almost complete failure

In every respect, by almost everyone involved.

On both sides.

Here on the important bits:

A) The bomb-laden SUV did not explode and no one was hurt. (thankfully)

B) The suspect was seen by almost no one after the plant, and only some amateurish video of him leaving the scene was procured afterward. (I'm not harping about turning the US into a surveillance society, e.g. Britain)

C) Suspect was out amongst the general citizenry for what, 3 days until he was apprehended?

D) He was already ON an outbound plane to Dubai, taxiing on the effin' runway when the plane was ordered to return to the gate with the Fibbies ready to board and arrest the would-be terrorist.

And last, but not least;

E) The West-hating sumbitch was in the country in the first place to put his plan into motion.

Way to go Team!

Pretty fucking unbelievable.

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