Thursday, May 27, 2010

What does this shit tell you?

It tells me that the fucking Evil Party will try this, as soon as they think they have a real chance at getting it put to a passing vote, as the NuLabour fucks did.

It matters not that the power shift in Britain's Parliament has seen fit to do away with a costly and absurd system that was all about hefting power and never about such undefinable issues as "safety." All that matters for the Fucking Idiot Leftists is getting their filthy, grubbing hands on two things, which are actually inter-related: Your money (or your value of production), and power.

Possibly the most important thing to remember, however, is this; The Brits have admitted, with these actions, that the system can be disassembled, and is not some Holy Fucking Relic, as some in Congress would have you believe the law can be. Anything that can be done can be undone by that same body, so remember that things like ObamaCare can be torn down.

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