Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Made of Fail

As seen at The Geek's; Elena Kagan doing her straight-faced routine about what the Court does and does not do.

@ about :35,
"...and I think courts would be wrong, to strike down laws that, that they think are, are senseless, just because they are senseless..."
My question; Is she just playing stupid, or is she just plain stupid?

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mother Of All Bailouts now has Spawn of its own

It too is being billed as, "Too big to fail."


With reasoning like that, I'm sure it will get pushed through.

I was so hoping it would die a quick and sudden death, like the racist bastard Byrd (spit). I digress.

Won't do a damn bit of good, either, except put the boot down harder on the necks of the proles, whether the idiots realize that this "reform" that's being pushed is nothing more than another tax on their production.

Fuckitall, already.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't go there

Do I really need to expound upon the reasons for this being a bad idea?

Who's gonna being paying those taxes, anyway?

Think really hard.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Where was this buried?

Didn't see a damned thing about it until I visited Les's place, and it should be a concern for everyone in the whole damned country.

Marching straight toward that totalitarian horseshit that I read about in books as a child.

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Waiving his magic wand, again.

I'm speechless.

Does he not realize that governmental intervention has done nothing more than fuck up the economy, in every instance where it's ever been tried?

Can we please just show this fool the door in a couple of years?

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spreading it around

Not that my readership amounts to more than three or four, but I thought I'd pass along a link from fellow blogger and irritated compatriot, DirtCrashr; a snippet from his thorough backhanding of the recent Commie party backslapping routine,
"Indeed most of the establishment audience was unabashedly rocking out to the militarism with fist-pounding vigor, including Will Smith and his scary wife Jada who's teeth were clenched in a bright, white, smile. Only Nathan Lane seemed bemused and clapped lightly in rhythm with the song - but that is his signature expression which has earned him so much on Broadway - The Great White Way. If they had shown the event in black-and-white rather than color I would have been even more closely reminded of 1930's Europe and the glittering who's-who that made up the inner-circle of fawning party-loyalists. Never has the counter-culture so perfectly reflected the desires and will of the elites, and never has a "protest" song begat so little protest - what would they be protesting against? "Their" play won two awards for best scenic and lighting design - should they throw it back? Such is Anarchy in the US today."
How true...and, Read the Whole Thing.


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Too much?

Shoving me in the back might get you punched in the face too, but then again, you might just get a verbal lashing, just the same.

A cop, it seems, can take at least one of those possibilities, and throw it out like the garbage, and opt for the straight right to the face.

For jaywalking.

In Seattle.

Fucking crazy.

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Going nuts

"Ambush marketing" gets people prosecuted.

There are laws against this.

This should rightfully frighten everyone in the entire fucking civilized world.

Hope this bites SA in the ass.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The march of technology

Via Sipsey Street; It seems that it took just over thirty years to go from fanciful weapon of the movies to get to the real deal.

World's first lightsaber.

Quoting the article;
"...the laser is so high powered that shining it on fleshy parts will cause them to burst into flames..."
Pretty close to the original mark, if you ask me.

All for about $200.

I want one.

Not sure what I need it for, but it might find a good use in the near-future, should the fucking governments of the world keep futzing with fiat currencies and monetary exchanges, like they've been wont to do of late.

Of course, I'm sure the feds are going to take notice of this thing, and for all of the obvious reasons.

I'm also curious as to what that waiver that's mentioned actually says.

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It's a Jeep thing,

...and I still don't understand, because I just HATE Jeeps, BUT...this ad deserves my most sincere props, as it's one of the best I've seen in years, from any company.

Aside from the gross QC issues and general lack of reliability that I've seen over the years with Jeeps, the new Grand Cherokee does look nice, and the ad certainly speaks to my sense of what America at least used to be, a nation of innovators and producers.

Hope we can get back to that place, and soon.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Creative threats

"Congressman Antoinette..."

I wonder if he'd get it?

It's also one of the reasons to read Tam daily. She's just brilliant at the art of the backhand.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Yes, we saw this coming

The clincher,

"Over and over in the health care debate, President Barack Obama said people who like their current coverage would be able to keep it.

But an early draft of an administration regulation estimates that many employers will be forced to make changes to their health plans under the new law."

Like we didn't know this already.

So, fuck you assholes who voted for that tyrant.

I'm going to go sharpen a few knives now.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Contempt or Irony?

Perhaps both.

By way of Billy Beck, I see that Slate has seen fit to hire, of all people, Eliot Spitzer, to preach to us proles about, get this, values and morals, to wit;
"Americans have lost their commitment to shared sacrifice..."
The simple fact that he has the sheer gall to announce such things to anyone else is bordering on the unbelievable. Besides, I don't give a shit about such "commitments," as it's being called, for "shared sacrifice." Keep me the fuck outta that, in every way. Don't even try to do me any favors, only later to tell me how much I owe everyone else.

How Slate manages to keep any sort of relevence with crap like this passing for news and commentary is equally unbelievable.

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

I'll take, "Do it again, Only Harder," for $1000

I'm sure it's the Daily Double too.

Can't wait to see what the NuLabour fuckwits have to say about this.

See this, for asking the wrong question.

Hint: The simple answer is, "yes," but that's too confusing for the stoopid fux.

Move along, plebes.

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Unfortunately, nuking the site from orbit isn't an option

Kim Short Dick needs to have what little he actually has, fed to him.


And raw.

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Junior steps away

I remember watching Junior when he made his major league debut.

I recall looking at that distinctive, upright stance and level swing, so uncharacteristic of any left-handed power hitters, before or since, and his tall, lean frame; and commenting to my dad that his swing was less like a home-run hitter's and more like a run-producing lead-off hitter, driving the ball into the alleys. He agreed.

He then went on a tear of about a dozen years, redefining what a power hitter could be. I seriously thought he'd be able to keep up the pace he was setting by about age 30, eventually eclipsing all others for that vaunted spot along side the likes of Maris, Aaron and Ruth.

Then the trade to the Reds, along with the injuries.

Some time after the first hamstring injury, I thought Junior developed a serious attitude problem. Then more injuries. Less playing time. Worse attitude, it seemed. He was never the same after the trade to Cincinnati, and I'm pretty certain that he was doing a little bit of Judy-Boy, Prima Donna dancing for a while, injuries notwithstanding.

Still, he hit dingers well into the twilight of his career, if not on the same pace as before, and, as the article clearly articulated, was never mentioned in the same breath with the 'roid stars who were his contemporaries of the game. He managed to put himself into the top five on talent alone, and if we discount the cheater at the top of the career home run list, I'd say he's with good company.

I hope he can still love the game after struggling with regaining his form for so long.

He's a shoe-in for Cooperstown.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Does the man know he speaks like a tyrant?

With phrases like, ""The votes may not be there right now, but I intend to find them in the coming months," and, "We will get it done," it's rather out in the open.

Of course, in his world, everything is powered by rainbow-farting unicorns, and everyone agrees with whatever he says, but again, that's pretty much the attitude of every tyrant in the history books.

Few recognize this, or care if they do.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Funny Ha-ha, but only a little

Remember, the true believers of The Big O would probably be A-OK with rounding you up and throwing you into the Gulag, in their perfect Utopian, Orwellian, Minority Report wet dreams, simply because you dare take a stand against the Anointed One, and what he represents.

That's why I laugh only a little.

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