Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tighten that grip some more, dolts

Via Sipsey Street, we learn that the assholes in Massachusetts have introduced a bill that would make it law for all of their electoral votes from that state to go toward whomever wins the popular vote in a presidential election.

Those stupid fucks haven't thought this bit out in the least, and it's clear that is the case;
"What we are submitting is the idea that the president should be selected by the majority of people in the United States of America,"
Says state Senator James B. Eldridge, one of the bill's supporters.

What happens, then, Jimmy, if the state clearly picks the loser? Too bad, you might just surrender your constituents' votes to, and I'm sure you're going to be aghast at this, a Republican.

I'd say, "Ah, Fuck'em, already," but they've clearly already started the proceedings with doing that to themselves.

This country simply can not take too much more of this sort of thing. Fracture is sure to follow.

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