Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's wrong with this headline?

It reads,

"Unemployment benefits extension clears hurdle"

As if the "benefits," here, were some damned hero, needing to catch a break to win a race, or something. Am I to cheer on this sort of thing, as if it's something that just must be done, as some sort of moral prerogative?

I think not, and am entirely of the opposite way of thinking, in fact.

And, of course, the MSM isn't in the tank for Barry, nor Big Gummint, because they say they play it right down the middle...and we should take their word for it.

I'm really starting to relish the day that I can hoist the black flag and break out the knives, putting them to the throats of these petty tyrants that are foisted upon me and constantly assailing my liberties as well as intelligence.

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