Monday, August 23, 2010

Another step towards the bloodbath

This "Auto IRA" isn't anything more than another ponzi scheme, similar to social security.

Here's how it will work.

The system is setup, hiring thousands of workers to administer the program (and the usual claim about making jobs will accompany this, which aren't actually contributing any value, BTW), which will be another line item on everyone's paycheck.

This will be pulled out and deposited in the general fund of the U.S. Treasury, whereby some form of I.O.U. is written, via bonds or some other "device," so labeled by the Treasury, for future redemption.

The MONEY, yes, the new withholding from your pay, that has now been directly STOLEN, will go toward funding whatever whim the politicians care to come up with, and with Barry and His Enabling Crew now at the helm, they WILL come up with something.

After this system has been up and running for, say, several years, another law will be passed that amends the first part, forcing your previous earnings and monies into the "new" account, further boosting the government lie about somehow "balancing" their spending.

I can hear the opposition calling this kind of straight-talk a "scare tactic," as "stealing" isn't something that can be done to something that is enshrined and protected by law, right? They'd be right about the scare tactic angle, but that doesn't mean that it isn't true, and the politicians could do it outright, since Congress is the body that establishes law, and created the 401(k) entity in the first place.

Do you get it yet?

They've established a law, first as something that is both voluntary and to address an issue with regard to how income can and will be taxed.

Next step, adjust the amounts, dates and rules by which those funds can be withdrawn, and tax the "offenders" more for pulling out their own money.

Next step, take that money for an IOU.

It's a bullshit, barely veiled threat at the lives of each and every person in this country.

Anyone want to bet what things will look like in this country, in just a few years if this gets passed?

I'm not at all amused.

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