Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Comments on the Culture of Corruption

Me, I hope they come right out and do it.

Let's quit pissing around and get the ball rolling, shall we? This entire administration, and let's just throw Congress into that lot too, is so arrogant to sincerely think that they are all 10' tall and bulletproof anyway, so why is it that they'd believe they couldn't, as they're obviously completely drunk from drinking, nonstop, at the Gummint Power Wellâ„¢.

Keep up that pushing, Barry, there are people out there who are keeping score on this. Then again, maybe he's counting on this blowing up at just the right time. Anyone notice the "deadline" on accepting or rejecting the petition from the Eco-Loons? Calling that an October surprise might be a serious stretch, but remember, wars have been started over more frivolous issues.

The list of grievances and usurpations grows.

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Anonymous Mark B. said...

Cass Sunstein's hoofmarks all over this one. I agree with several commenter's remarks that if Congress specifically exempted ammuntition in the text of the statute (which they did) there is no way in hell an executive-branch agency can gratuitously assume authority where none exists and hope to survive a competently constructed legal challenge, even if it were conducted within the purview of the Ninth Circus.

Rope. Tree. Bureaucrat. Some assembly required.

One thing I have difficulty swallowing is that there was a time when Glenn Reynolds thought Sunstein would make a good SCOTUS appointment. I suspect he's rethinking the position . . .


No joke: While I'm typing this "Walkin' On The Sun" by Smash Mouth comes up in my Jango rotation. The Matrix, she is ALIVE!!!

9:31 AM  
Blogger theirritablearchitect said...

The hitch, for me anyway, is this; There is little in the way to stope the bureaucracy from accepting the petition. This would allow...what, I don't know, rules and regulations to be re-drafted?

Only then would there be even something filed let alone a date in court, and to be heard and a verdict handed down when? Years? Decades? The whole time, the Gummint gets to play with what they want to "get done" with the implementation angle, tying the issue up in court, bleeding out whomever had the stones to challenge it in the first place?

The bright spot in all this; we've seen similar holes punched in the supposed armor with Heller and McDonald.

Regardless, Fuck 'em. I'm all in on this.

10:39 AM  

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