Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"What it is to be an American"

I was over at YankeePrepper's channel, listening to some of his thoughts on various topics, when I ran across a vid about, presumably, the "NWO" and clicked it. Not because I wanted to see some secretive ramblings about who or what the supposed New World Order kooks thought (not that YankeePrepper is a kook), but more as something that was going to give me a chuckle about conspiracy theories or something similar.

I got one of the best surprises of my life.

Dennis Prager gave a response to a question from the moderator at a debate and speech at the University of Denver, from earlier this year, and he laid down some stuff that is eye-opening about the current state of affairs and the reasons for us, as a nation, having lost our way.

Listen carefully to what he is saying from about :27 to 2:40.

It's all just too much to handle at once, as there are several vectors that are touched on, but the essence of what he is saying is right on.

He, in no small part, blames the fundamental shift in our education system for instilling, programming and indoctrinating the last three or four generations of this country with a different, and decidedly non-American, value system.

There is certainly more to it than just that, but the fundamental is right there, at its very core, "...A society does not survive if it does not have a reason to survive...we have the lost the why [to survive]..."

This is the question to be answered by this country, and I'm afraid we are failing.

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