Sunday, September 26, 2010

Close your eyes and cover your ears

I am to believe, if I listen to the "experts," that we've turned the corner on the recession, and that because inflation has re-entered the current economic landscape (for all the reasons I mention), we can well and truly put the idea of worldwide societal collapse behind us.

That is so much tripe.

This is why.

1.5 Billion Chinese. Scorched Earth (Mother Nature is a bitch, isn't she?) in Russia's breadbasket and China becoming a net grain importer, for the first time.

Raise your hand if you guessed that whole wars have been started over food shortages.

About the only good news that I can think of is that we have enormous swaths of extremely productive farm land in this country (Hell, within walking distance from my home) that lie fallow, and have for years, because farming became too hard to earn a living by, at various times in the past. For now, that seems to have reversed itself. Turning over the earth and planting a crop of wheat and corn might make you a millionaire in the near future.


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