Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grand assumptions

It's odd to me that this punk, for that's what he is, insists that his position needs to be first refuted as being bunk, and only then can I make any sort of claim.

Sorry, asswipe. I'm not about to engage in any sort of argument about Obamacare, or NHS, or any other social ponzi-scheme, where I must argue the merits of the situation from your position.

I know what the stakes are, here, and you don't dare make these grand assumptions of how much savings will take place, when the simple logic of the situation dictates otherwise, as Kevin Baker states;

"Guaranteed coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Guaranteed uncapped benefits.

Guaranteed unlimited coverage.

More people enrolled.

And it'll cost less.

Either he's stupid enough to believe that, or he thinks we're stupid enough to.

But economics precludes it."

It can't be explained in any other terms.

Oh, and while we're at it, guess who will have to pay for all that great socialized medicine while not using it, too?

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